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by Mike Wager, on 12/7/22 Mobile testingPOS testingecommerceRetailNRF 2023

National Retail Federation (NRF) 2023: Retail's Big Show brings the biggest retailers together and provides breakthrough technology insight to the whole community in New York City, January 15-17, 2023. Keysight will …

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by Mike Wager, on 9/5/22 POS testingRetail

Most retailers would consider using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to optimize the checkout experience as something from the future. Well, Keysight's Eggplant test automation software makes that a reality …

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by Mike Wager, on 4/14/22 POS testingRetail

Retailers are under constant pressure to digitally transform and continuously deliver quality software no matter where their customer's shop. Over the last couple of years, that has predominantly been online …

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by Mike Wager, on 7/21/21 POS testing

Online shopping has steadily grown in popularity, with a well-documented boost in the last 18 months. However, even with the continued rise of eCommerce, shoppers are slowly returning to physical stores. Nevertheless, …

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by Mike Wager, on 6/8/21 Test automationPOS testingomnichannel testingRetail

There’s no getting away from it – retail is one industry that feels the impact of digital transformation more than most. As technology’s influence expands, so do consumers’ expectations. And …

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by Natalia Francois, on 11/10/20 Test automationPOS testingdigital transformationRetail

Black Friday is traditionally lauded as one of retail’s most profitable days, but in reality consumers are increasingly relying on eCommerce channels for their shopping needs year round. As the …

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by Natalia Francois, on 7/14/20 artificial intelligencePOS testing

Retail is an extremely competitive industry where a customer’s purchasing experience is just as important as the quality of the goods they procure. Behavioural scientists talk about the peak-end rule - a psychological heuristic in which people judge an experience largely based …

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by Nick Casalbore, on 9/24/18 Digital Experienceartificial intelligenceintelligent automationmachine learningPOS testingomnichannel testing

Click. That’s the sound of a customer seeking out your competitor because your point-of-sale (POS) system didn’t deliver the experience they wanted or expected. You know that your QA teams tested the …

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