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by Eggplant, on 6/16/20 DevOpsDigital Experiencemachine learning

Software delivers so much of our day to day experience, whether we are asking for a weather update from Alexa or ordering connoisseur coffee for your home office. Making sure …

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by Eggplant, on 3/9/20 Test automationartificial intelligenceintelligent automationmachine learning

Finding new ways to drive productivity and profitability are common goals shared by all professional services organizations, but identifying and actioning growth strategies is often easier said than done. The …

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by Eggplant, on 2/18/20 IoT Testingmachine learningTelco & MediaAI in testing

We’re at an exciting time for IoT adoption in which the only barrier to innovation is our own imagination. From prosthetic limbs to agricultural sensors to connected office furniture, the …

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by Eggplant, on 2/11/20 Healthcareintelligent automationmachine learningRPA

According to Forbes, Succeeding in the age of automation will be all about how we approach the cultural and technological shift required within IT. One of the ways healthcare IT …

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by Gareth Smith, on 1/29/20 Digital Experiencemachine learning

Today we announced new enhancements to Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) designed to simplify AI-driven automation while simultaneously enabling companies to improve the quality of their digital experiences. Organizations today face …

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by Eggplant, on 10/29/19 DevOpsmachine learningdigital transformation

Digital transformation is a top enterprise buzzword—and for good reason. As companies across every sector embrace cloud, AI, machine learning, the IoT and other technologies, it’s clear that the future …

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by Gareth Smith, on 7/18/19 Test automationUser Testingmachine learningdigital twin

Digital twins are a growing area of enterprise investment, with Gartner predicting that the use of digital twins will triple by 2022. The technology, a digital representation of a physical …

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by Eggplant, on 7/4/19 Test automationartificial intelligenceintelligent automationmachine learning

In the Internet age, making the best use of technology investments, rapidly spotting and addressing any performance issues or other roadblocks and ensuring customers have a high-quality experience that delights …

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by Eggplant, on 9/24/18 Digital Experienceartificial intelligenceintelligent automationmachine learningPOS testingomnichannel testing

Click. That’s the sound of a customer seeking out your competitor because your point-of-sale (POS) system didn’t deliver the experience they wanted or expected. You know that your QA teams …

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