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by Emily Yan, on 1/25/23 HealthcareNon-invasive testingsecurity

Healthcare is more at risk of data breaches than ever before. In 2021, one in three third-party data breaches targeted healthcare organizations. Since 2009, breaches have accounted for the loss, …

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by Allison Freedman, on 1/5/23 User experience testingintelligent automationdigital twinAerospace & DefenseAI in testingNon-invasive testingblackbox testing

In the aerospace and defense industry, operations regularly risk human life and significant economic loss. There is embedded software within a complex system of many interacting hardware elements. The system …

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by Gareth Smith, on 6/9/20 Digital ExperienceHealthcaredigital automation intelligenceNon-invasive testing

Technology has an important role to play in helping stop the spread of the Coronavirus. With intelligence test automation technologies, Eggplant is contributing to greater efficiency in testing contact tracing …

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