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When Every Day is Black Friday

by Natalia Francois, on 11/10/20

Black Friday is traditionally lauded as one of retail’s most profitable days, but in reality consumers are increasingly relying on eCommerce channels for their shopping needs year round.

As the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates, digital commerce is no longer just about getting the best holiday shopping deal. With lockdown restrictions in place across much of the globe, consumers flocked online for essential items and services.

Between mid-March and mid-April, online sales in the U.S. increased nearly 50% [1] and more than one-third of consumers [2] report shopping online weekly since the virus hit.


The Competition is Just a Click Away

As shoppers’ reliance on digital properties increases, so too is their expectation for performance, reliability and an engaging customer experience. Gone are the days when retailers could rely on customer loyalty to weather technological challenges, as countless studies have documented consumers’ willingness to abandon a brand if they are disappointed with the digital experience it provides. With the competition just a click away, how can retailers compete and win in the digital age?


Delightful Digital Experiences Delivered with AI-Powered Test Automation

Success in the new eCommerce world necessitates meeting customers where they are, availing of trends like digital self-service, augmented reality and social commerce to nurture relationships and differentiate via the digital experience. As such, it follows that companies need a modern testing partner who can continuously test and optimize the quality of this experience across all digital properties and channels.

Eggplant leverages advanced AI to experience websites and applications through the eyes of their users, evaluate how these customers are interacting with the technology, and how technical elements can be tweaked to improve the digital experience and, ultimately, drive positive business outcomes.

In addition, our approach feeds testing data back to DevOps, helping retailers meet growing expectations for faster release while simultaneously keeping pace with emerging innovations such as AR and the IoT.


Improving the Business and Beating the Competition

Our platform moves beyond monitoring for problems to identifying areas for improvements—and the business impact of making them. We do this through:

  • Image-Based Testing: Eggplant’s unparalleled image-based approach views the screen in the same way as it appears to a customer

  • AI and Machine Learning: Drawing on the latest in AI and ML, we help organizations uncover the riskiest areas of their technology and also identify which components and functionality are most critical to the customer experience

  • Automation: From there, we automate workflows to test this customer experience and other key KPIs within every environment at every stage

  • Continuous Optimization: Our continuous, intelligent approach enables retailers to predict the impact of new releases and investigate other “what if” scenarios, so that all upgrades are timed to optimize the digital experience

A determining success factor in the digital age is the customers’ perception of technology performance. Learn more about Eggplant and why we’re ideally suited to help you compete on the digital customer experience—even in today’s always-on retail environment.

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