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by Allison Freedman, on 3/13/23 Test automationsoftware testingdigital automation intelligenceintelligent automationdigital transformationdigital twinAerospace & Defenseblackbox testingEggplant Testtesting for spacesatcommission-critical systems

A recent BlooLoop article proclaimed, “Commercial spaceflight, or space tourism, is currently valued at more than $450 billion. Furthermore, it is expected to grow to more than $1 trillion by …

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by Emily Yan, on 1/30/23 Healthcareartificial intelligencerobotic process automationdigital transformationCloud Computing

Software integration has become more woven into the fabric of a patient’s experience than many would have even imagined even a few years ago. Before the pandemic, healthcare was slow …

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by Emily Yan, on 12/21/22 Healthcareartificial intelligencerobotic process automationRPAdigital transformation

In what seems like the blink of an eye, mentions of robotic process automation (RPA) have become ubiquitous in the healthcare industry. Since the pandemic, RPA has solved multiple challenges …

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by Nico Carnaval, on 12/19/22 Test automationdigital transformationForresterLeader

Independent Research Firm recognizes Keysight's Eggplant as ideal platform for organisations that want to combine the testing of physical and digital products. “Delivering innovation that solves present & future problems …

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by Anna McCowan, on 10/31/22 digital transformation

Is digital transformation top of mind at your company? You’re not alone. New methods of developing software are driving fast change across all industries. With today’s pressure on enterprises to …

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by Eggplant, on 4/7/21 DevOpscustomer experience optimizationend-to-end testingdigital transformationCRM Testing

Over the last year, 69% of boards have reported accelerated digital transformation due to COVID-19. The responsibility for handling these initiatives often ultimately falls at the feet of the Chief …

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by Eggplant, on 3/10/21 HealthcareLoad testingPerformance testingEMR testingdigital transformation

The speed at which COVID-19 vaccines have been developed and produced hasn’t been matched by society’s ability to administer doses. As of this writing, 30 million doses delivered in the …

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by Tara McLaughlin, on 12/1/20 Customer ExperienceDigital ExperienceTest automationdigital transformation5G

The Time for Digital Transformation is Now As we enter into the area of widespread 5G adoption, the network’s dramatically faster speeds and lower latency will fundamentally change how people …

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by Eggplant, on 11/10/20 Test automationPOS testingdigital transformationRetail

Black Friday is traditionally lauded as one of retail’s most profitable days, but in reality consumers are increasingly relying on eCommerce channels for their shopping needs year round. As the …

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by Tara McLaughlin, on 10/13/20 Test automationdigital transformation

In just a few short months not only where we work, but how we work has changed drastically. Engagements with colleagues and consumers, alike, have pivoted online and, as is …

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