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by Mike Wager, on 4/27/21 Customer ExperienceDigital Experiencereal user monitoringcustomer experience optimizationomnichannel testingusability testing

The customer experience has continually become more digital over the years. No industry or person has been left untouched by this technological shift, none more so than during recent world …

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by Eggplant, on 4/7/21 DevOpscustomer experience optimizationend-to-end testingdigital transformationCRM Testing

Over the last year, 69% of boards have reported accelerated digital transformation due to COVID-19. The responsibility for handling these initiatives often ultimately falls at the feet of the Chief …

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by Eggplant, on 3/30/21 Customer Experiencecustomer experience optimizationend-to-end testingFinancial Servicesrobotic process automation

Providing a good customer experience is something all companies should aspire to do. However, when there are many moving parts, doing this can be a massive challenge. Financial institutions have …

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by Gareth Smith, on 3/17/20 Customer ExperienceTest automationcustomer experience optimizationomnichannel testing

If you harbor any doubts that we live in an omnichannel age, take a look at the following statistics. According to Google, 98% of Americans switch between devices in the …

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by Eggplant, on 5/16/19 digital automation intelligencecustomer experience optimizationdigital transformation

Digital transformation, AI, robotic process automation, and aligning an agile IT capability with business outcomes. These are all topics that are close to our heart. That’s why we’re Platinum sponsors …

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by Eggplant, on 3/28/19 Customer ExperienceTest automationdigital automation intelligencereal user monitoringcustomer experience optimizationdigital transformation

Businesses want software that delights end users. Customer experience is the priority. But even as the requirement for ever better experiences grows, actually delivering on that requirement is getting harder …

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by Eggplant, on 8/20/18 User TestingPerformance testingUser experience testingcustomer experience optimization

Providing an amazing customer experience is critical in the travel and hospitality sector. Competition is fierce and consumers are fickle. If one website fails to deliver a slick, easy-to-use online …

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by Eggplant, on 8/14/18 User TestingPerformance testingUser experience testingartificial intelligenceSeleniumshift upcustomer experience optimization

Customer experience transformation is a key initiative for any business that wants to position itself for the 21st century. Two important concepts involve updating and digitizing technology, and creating persistent …

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by Eggplant, on 8/8/18 Customer Experiencecustomer experience optimizationcontinuous testing

There are certain inalienable truths about businesses: they all want to succeed and they all want to beat their competitors. What's slightly different is how a business defines success. For …

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by Eggplant, on 8/7/18 User TestingPerformance testingsynthetic monitoringwebsite performancecustomer experience optimizationMonitoring Insights

Just one hour of downtime cost Amazon an estimated $100 million in lost sales. Unless you were completely off the grid, you’re well aware of the performance issues Amazon and …

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