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by Aaron Tavakoli, on 10/21/22 App testingDevOpsMobile testingAI in testingCloud ComputingKubeConCNCF

KubeCon is the Cloud Native Computing Foundations' premier conference and brings together adopters and technologists from leading cloud native communities in Detroit, MI, October 24-28th, 2022. Keysight is a platinum …

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by Adam Creamer, on 11/17/20 Test automationUser experience testingAutomotiveAI in testing

For over a century when someone spoke about being connected with their car, they likely meant feeling the road through the chassis, anticipating body roll around a hairpin turn, or …

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by Natalia Francois, on 9/29/20 artificial intelligenceAI in testing

The use of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services is no longer just a buzzword, it has become an evident necessity. Recent research conducted by an analytical company the Economist Intelligence Unit, demonstrates that up to 45 percent of banks are looking to shift to a fully digital management model and integrate their …

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by Bill Ziske, on 2/18/20 IoT Testingmachine learningTelco & MediaAI in testing

We’re at an exciting time for IoT adoption in which the only barrier to innovation is our own imagination. From prosthetic limbs to agricultural sensors to connected office furniture, the …

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by Antony Edwards, on 2/4/20 artificial intelligenceAI in testing

In a recent Forbes article, contributor Tom Groenfeldt says “We need to find a way to combine the strength of exploratory testing with automation—a way to combine manual testing, which …

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