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by Antony Edwards, on 8/27/19 App testingPerformance testingRetail

On June 18, many Google Calendar users worldwide got an unexpected surprise when logging into the app—an error message. The issue was resolved approximately three hours later but, as anyone …

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by Russ Lott, on 4/19/18 App testingUser TestingPerformance testingUser experience testing

This week, I'm making what many consider a life-altering, religious change. I’m switching from Android to an iPhone. I had an iPhone 3GS years ago and it worked well enough, …

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by Antony Edwards, on 11/7/17 App testingsoftware testing

In my last post, I described a test team structure that I've seen several companies (which I think are real thought leaders in testing) successfully implement over the last few …

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by Antony Edwards, on 10/24/17 App testingsoftware testing

How should we structure our test team? This is probably the most common question I hear when talking to test leaders about what's on their minds. What makes this question …

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by JB Brockman, on 10/18/17 App testingDigital ExperienceTest automation

We recently commissioned a study of 750 development team leaders in the UK and the U.S. to gauge the extent of the pressure today’s organizations are experiencing with respect to …

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by John Bates, on 9/25/17 App testingCustomer ExperienceDigital ExperienceTest automationUI testing

You can find 28 million apps on Google Play and 22 million in Apple’s App Store. Yet, nearly one in four people who download an app use it only once …

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by Antony Edwards, on 9/18/17 App testingDigital ExperienceIoT TestingUser TestingUser experience testing

A new study of 600 testers reports that 91 percent of test teams are struggling to meet increased user expectations compared to 12 months ago, and 66 percent said that …

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by Pamela Gillaspie, on 7/19/16 App testingTest automationMobile testingsoftware testing

TestPlant released eggPlant v16.1 this month, and I’m writing to talk to you about my favorite of the marquee features: support for Gherkin, the language of the Cucumber BDD framework …

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by Antony Edwards, on 5/16/16 App testingMobile testing

A lack of environment management is one of the most common reasons for unreliable test execution. People remove devices from the test environment, change app versions without notification, change OS settings, …

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