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by Emily Yan, on 3/23/23 Digital ExperienceHealthcareartificial intelligencecontinuous testingEMR testingEggplant Test

In today's healthcare software testing, tech burnout has become alarmingly prevalent. One of the primary factors contributing to this issue is the staggering number of electronic medical record (EMR) systems …

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by Emily Yan, on 1/11/23 DevOpsDigital ExperienceHealthcarecontinuous testingend-to-end testingintelligent automation

Are you thinking about adding telehealth platforms to your clinical repertoire in 2023? You are not alone. The boom of telehealth software — using digital information technologies to provide virtual …

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by Mike Wager, on 2/8/22 DevOpscontinuous testing

Software development teams are under immense pressure to innovate and digitally transform business-critical applications. When faced with disruptive change, some teams struggle to adapt because their software delivery capabilities are …

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by Anna McCowan, on 10/11/21 DevOpscontinuous testing

With today’s pressure on enterprises to digitally transform, continuously delivering quality software has never been more critical. Internal and external digital products, which are built by millions of lines of …

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by Eggplant, on 5/11/21 HealthcareTest automationUI testingPerformance testingcontinuous testingEMR testing

Patient care has become increasingly reliant on technology. But as anyone who works in healthcare understands, making sure this technology layer helps rather than hinders is a constant challenge. Electronic …

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by Eggplant, on 11/21/19 Test automationcontinuous testingFinancial Servicesintelligent automation

In the highly competitive trading environment, instant access to market information is the ultimate end game. Proof of this can be seen in the industry backlash the New York Stock …

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by Eggplant, on 11/14/19 continuous testingdigital transformationRetail

A recent ZDNet article by Joe McKendrick states, “Business leaders are losing patience…they are leaning on their IT departments harder and harder, pressing for more and faster delivery of software …

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by Eggplant, on 11/12/19 HealthcareTest automationPerformance testingartificial intelligencecontinuous testingRPA

When seemingly disparate things can come together, the results are often that much better. Like a soccer team that draws players from different backgrounds—some coaching efforts can bring out the …

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by Eggplant, on 11/7/19 website performancecontinuous testing

Earlier in October news broke that Twitter and Tweetdeck—the platform’s widely used dashboard management app—were experiencing a performance issue that made users unable to login or access the platform. At …

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by Eggplant, on 11/6/19 User experience testingcontinuous testing

Discover How Eggplant is Helping SAS Modernize for the World of Continuous Delivery. For 43 years, SAS has helped organizations worldwide capitalize on their information and drive business value by …

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