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by Jaspar Casey, on 6/24/21 artificial intelligenceAerospace & Defense

Test automation is increasingly seen as a strategic advantage in the defense sector. Even though the concept has been deployed in software development for many years, recent advances in artificial …

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by Jaspar Casey, on 5/25/21 Aerospace & Defense

Over the last few years, the Department of Defense has released a series of initiatives aimed at modernizing its digital strategy. These documents form a strategic roadmap for releasing higher-quality …

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by Tara McLaughlin, on 1/26/21 Test automationAerospace & Defense

Mission Command Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence “We either become sci-fi, or we become history.” The above exhortation from Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Will Roper, followed the December 2020 announcement that the United States Air Force had successfully tested …

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by Adam Creamer, on 11/3/20 DevOpsAerospace & DefenseDevSecOps

“Houston, we have a problem.” Non-invasive testing in a highly regulated environment It’s the famous phrase associated with radio communications between Apollo 13 and NASA’s Mission Control Center, notifying the …

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by Tara McLaughlin, on 9/1/20 DevOpsAerospace & DefenseDevSecOps

Today’s modern military relies greatly on advanced technologies in its weaponry and operations to appropriately protect against adversaries. While these technologies enable strategic military advantages, the digital age has also …

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by Zach Young, on 6/2/20 DevOpsartificial intelligenceAerospace & DefenseDevSecOps

According to Gartner there is set to be a massive uptick in the adoption of a DevSecOps state of mind. From an estimated 15% of development teams using this approach …

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by Gareth Smith, on 9/17/19 Aerospace & Defense

In late July, news broke that researchers at Armis Labs had identified numerous vulnerabilities in an operating system known as VxWorks, leaving approximately 200 million devices vulnerable. Unfamiliar with VxWorks? …

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