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Eggplant team up with Embold to deliver outstanding data analysis

by Natalia Francois, on 6/16/20

Software delivers so much of our day to day experience, whether we are asking for a weather update from Alexa or ordering connoisseur coffee for your home office. Making sure these exchanges and transactions perform without failure from the code up is imperative. Which is why we are excited about our partnership with Embold.  

In line with our mission statement - to rid the world of bad softwareEggplant have teamed up with Embold, a Germany-based tech company building high quality software with multi-dimensional prioritization, empowering customers get right into the DNA of their code. Embold supports developers and development teams by finding critical code issues before they become roadblocks. It is the perfect tool to analyze, diagnose, transform, and sustain software efficiently. With the use of AI and machine learning technologies, Embold prioritizes issues, suggest ways to best solve them, and re-factor software where necessary. With the flexibility of running it within your current DevOps stack, on premise or in the cloud. 

Eggplant have produced an accelerator for Embold, allowing the user to chart risk scores from static code analysis. The solution showcases two testing approaches complementing each other; functional testing and static code analysis. It allows the model to use the data from static code analysis and concentrate testing on problem areas that Embold has highlighted.  

Partnering with Embold means better software outcomes for our customershelping them knit together a best-of-breed DevOps tool chainBoth Eggplant and Embold share a vision of enabling customers to deliver excellent digital experience and improve business outcomes. The Eggplant/Embold Accelerator is just one way we help businesses hit their goals and beat their competition. 

Find out more at eggplantsoftware.com and embold.io. 

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