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Eggplant's DAI: An Essential Component of Testing for the Digital Age

by Gareth Smith, on 1/29/20

Today we announced new enhancements to Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) designed to simplify AI-driven automation while simultaneously enabling companies to improve the quality of their digital experiences.  

Organizations today face unprecedented pressure to reduce bugs, technology glitches and other performance issues while also keeping up with ever-increasing expectations for continuous delivery. At the same time, the importance of providing a high-quality user experience at every interaction has never been more paramount. Regardless of whether it’s a banking customer accessing account information via a mobile app or a nurse entering critical patient data into a custom workflow, users will settle for nothing less than a seamless experience every time.  

Eggplant’s DAI is critical to achieving the comprehensive test coverage necessary for success in the digital age. By leveraging AI, machine learning and analytics, we automate the entire testing lifecycle and enable organizations to test their software and applications from the eyes of their users.  

Key benefits of the latest version of DAI include:  

  • Optimize the digital experience by testing real user journeys. Our technology enables companies to non-intrusively track users’ movements through their website or application and define tests based on these journeys. We apply additional intelligence to the journeys that are most critical to the business in terms of revenue, time, volume or churn, and use these to automatically create a model of the application. As a result, testing can be optimized to focus on the areas with the greatest business impact. Our user-centric approach also enables us to relate technology factors to desired business outcomes, and diagnose and address any issues behind a drop in these outcomes.  
  • Simplify testing by combining automated exploratory testing and fixed regression packs. Intelligent Test Scheduling, part of the latest DAI Suite enhancements, automates and combines both exploratory testing and fixed regression packs to dramatically simplify testing scenarios. Systems under test can be quickly defined and categorized, and future tests therefore can optimize the available resources and also state-specific device capabilities if required.  
  • Single, modern user interface providing access to enterprise scale testing capability. By providing access to key aspects of multiple Eggplant capabilities via a single, modern UI, DAI simplifies deployment and maintenance and makes it much easier for companies to scale execution and set limits for time and coverage levels.  

As any reader of this blog will know Eggplant is on a mission to rid the world of bad software, and the above and other new features of DAI are the latest examples of this effort. Learn more about these capabilities and how we can help you modernize your testing strategy for the digital age in our press release and via our DAI product guide

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