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Richard Bradshaw

Richard is the BossBoss at the Ministry of Testing, co-creator of the Automation in Testing (AiT) namespace, and blogs as The Friendly Tester. Tweeting over at @FriendlyTester, he is also the creator of the YouTube channel Whiteboard Testing.

Recent Posts

The One Thing You Need Know about IoT and Software Testing

5/23/19 / by Richard Bradshaw posted in DevOps, IoT Testing, Test automation, software testing, digital automation intelligence, digital transformation


Yupp, you’ve guessed it, HTTP. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) is the go-to language for IoT devices, in that it’s the protocol used when devices talk to each other via the internet. I know what you are thinking: what about everything we’ve heard about security in the news? Surely there is nothing more important than security in IoT? Security was a close second for me when deciding the most important thing about testing, but here’s why HTTP pipped it to the finish line…

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