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Keysight expands Eggplant team with appointment of Jonathon Wright, Chief Technology Evangelist

by Jaspar Casey, on 2/10/22

Jonathon Wright joins the Keysight Technologies team as Chief Technology Evangelist for Eggplant. He will also lead our strategic partnership program and our new innovation division.

Jonathon is a familiar face to anyone in the quality assurance and test automation space. He is recognized as a thought leader in the testing community, most recently through his tenure as President of Vivit, the world’s largest independent user community with over 70,000 members across 190 countries. Alongside this, he hosts the popular QA Lead podcast, where he regularly interviews leading influencers across the industry. In his spare time, Jonathon sits on the committee for the ISO 29119 part 11 for Testing AI-based systems, the European Commission's AI Alliance, and co-authored ‘AI in Testing’ with Rex Black.

I sat down with Jonathon to learn more about his background and how his appointment will accelerate Keysight’s growth.

Welcome to the team, Jonathon! Can you tell me what you will be doing at Keysight?

Thanks Jaspar. First of all, I’m really excited to finally get to speak publicly about joining Keysight. As I explained to Scott Moore last week on his podcast, I’ve got a number of responsibilities. As Chief Technology Evangelist, my job is to help the market understand both the technology and the next generation capabilities that Eggplant is pioneering. A major part of this is the use of digital twins and model-based testing. These concepts are integral to Eggplant DAI and represent a way to understand and test technology ecosystems that is a massive departure from “happy path testing.” With model-based testing — when combined with Shift Right — we can actually test real user behavior, because Eggplant can account for the incredible variation in the way users interact with technology. And where it gets really interesting is that over time, the digital twin evolves to account for a wider set of user behavior and interaction between systems. Because we are leveraging AI to build and execute these tests, we can quickly get a sophisticated view of how everything works. Over time, this understanding becomes progressively more sophisticated, and allows teams to Shift Right: to bring observability insights from the right hand side of the software development lifecycle.

What about the other part of your role, research and development?

The first part of my job is talking about the technology, the second part is building it. This is why a major responsibility will be in deepening strategic technology partnerships with industry-leading products. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been nicknamed the ‘Automation Cyborg,’ sent back in time to help save the world from bad software. That’s why I’m so excited to lead our strategic partnership program and our new innovation division. As an application, Eggplant DAI is incredibly versatile. I’m looking forward to empowering our customers and users with next generation AI-driven solutions to help test extremely complex enterprise platforms.

Most organizations have a small R&D team. Keysight, on the other hand, takes R&D extremely seriously. Keysight’s DNA is in testing and measuring capabilities of hardware. Dating back to the birth of Silicon Valley in 1939 when Hewlett and Packard built the first oscillator, I see hardware and software as intertwined; in this day and age, one cannot exist without the other. A lot of software products try to abstract out the hardware. But just because you’re not thinking about something, doesn’t mean it won’t be a problem. That’s why, in order to do true ecosystem-to-ecosystem testing, we need to consider how hardware components interplay with the software, and ultimately, how that affects the user experience. Being part of Keysight puts Eggplant in a unique position to address this exchange between hardware and software.

You can follow Jonathon’s work at Keysight on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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