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Software test automation is a game changer

by Jaspar Casey, on 9/10/21

There is no question about the importance of software and application testing. It is critical to the success of every IT project these days. Gain a greater understanding about the benefits of test automation, evaluate various approaches, and see real test automation use cases by participating in Keysight’s Software Test Automation Boot Camp.

QA engineers, testers, and software developers who register for the Boot Camp will learn what they need to know to get started with test automation, how to build effective testing strategies, and get a handle on AI and machine learning for test automation, plus the latest trends in quality assurance.

As software testing has evolved, more and more QA engineers and software developers rely on (and trust) automated testing. Implementing test automation for software applications offers:

  • More test creation and coverage across devices
  • Thorough defect and bug identification
  • A significant reduction in time and testing resources
  • Support for Agile and DevOps methodologies for more rapid releases and frequent improvements and enhancements

As one Senior Test Engineer put it since moving to automated testing:

“A large amount of time has been saved and elements that were previously very difficult to automate have been made easy! We have been able to test against mobile devices with ease, as well as speed up the overall automation process.”

Register now for the Boot Camp and learn how to:

  • Evaluate test automation approaches
  • Conduct full-stack testing
  • Solve challenging testing scenarios
  • Develop smart, scalable test automation strategies to deliver higher quality products


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