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DAI 5.2 product update

by Jaspar Casey, on 6/15/21

Keysight’s Eggplant team is happy to announce the latest set of updates for DAI 5.2. Here’s a quick overview of the improvements, with more detail below.

  • Model previews in DAI — from the Designer tab in DAI, you can now select and view your testing models.
  • Execute tests in the cloud
  • Unified view of test cases across all models — both directed and exploratory
  • Improvements to the Fusion Engine:
    • Secure credential storage with system keychain
    • Multi-monitor remote desktop protocol (RDP) control
  • Faster insights in Real Customer Insights (RCI)
  • Improvements to Webhooks for Monitoring Insights (MI)

For more detailed technical information, check out our DAI release notes. For instructions on upgrading your DAI installation, make sure to read our installation guide.

Easily view testing models from within main DAI interface

To make it easier to know which testing model you are working with at a glance, we’ve added a model preview to the Designer tab of DAI. As we roll out further improvements to the look and feel of DAI in the coming months, you’ll see this model view make its way into the Modeler.

Scale your test execution in the cloud

With the latest improvements to Eggplant Cloud, you can now easily provision extra execution environments to rapidly scale up your testing capabilities. This helps Eggplant customers reduce the on-premises infrastructure that they would otherwise need to setup and maintain. Learn more about Eggplant Cloud for execution on our documentation site. To get to know cloud-based test automation a bit better, see our in-depth introduction.

Bringing together directed and exploratory test cases

To help our customers understand the value of AI-powered test automation, we’ve created a unified view of all test cases — both directed and exploratory. You can now get an instant overview of coverage of your application, with a clear sense of how effective your directed tests are at unearthing bugs. This new view also allows you to see test cases from all of your testing models for even better visibility into the current state of your tests.

Fusion Engine gets an upgrade

The Fusion Engine, which powers Eggplant’s intelligent automation, has received a few upgrades.

Securely test multi-monitor systems via RDP

RDP is a technical standard for accessing a computer remotely and is one of two ways that Eggplant can connect to a system under test (SUT) — the other being Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

Eggplant can now connect to multi-monitor SUTs via RDP connection. This means that customers whose systems span up to 5 screens can run tests on Eggplant via RDP, which allows for testing in the most secure environments. We’ve also updated SenseTalk to include scripts that can quickly identify and provide the size of each monitor.

Secure credential storage

Great news for our users testing applications that sit within highly secure environments: DAI 5.2 has improved encryption and tighter security for SUT credentials, with storage and retrieval now residing in the system keychain. This was requested by many of our customers, particularly in aerospace and defense.

Work with compressed data inside DAI

Compressed data is now much easier to work with inside Eggplant. This is especially useful for customers who work with large datasets incorporated in their testing. The Fusion Engine can now easily compress and decompress files with simple SenseTalk commands. There are also additional parameters for setting the compression rate, file encryption, and file management.

Faster customer insights in RCI

RCI is the component of DAI that allows you to see detailed event-level data on real user journeys in your application or website. DAI 5.2 enhances the experience by shortening the refresh rate of the data you see in your QuickSight dashboard to 24 hours. RCI’s analytics suite allows you to drill down into detailed user journey data, with views on loading times across devices, usage patterns, and application performance over time.

Enhanced Webhooks for Monitoring Insights

Customers using Monitoring Insights (MI) can now configure filtering of Webhooks by error codes at a step level. This means easier customization of alerts for synthetic monitors, with no need to contact the Eggplant Service Desk to change any settings.

Eggplant Performance 9.1

Due to increased customer interest in EPP, we have also put significant work into modernizing and improving the platform.

Want to see it for yourself?

A few months ago, we released a totally revamped trial version of Eggplant that allows you to explore DAI, view and edit a testing model, execute tests, and view analytics of these tests. To get your hands on Eggplant today, sign up here.

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