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Keysight makes key hire for Eggplant as Cosmin Elefterescu joins as Chief Product Officer

By Jaspar Casey

Jaspar Casey

Jaspar Casey - 21 February 2022

Cosmin Elefterescu joins Keysight Technologies as Chief Product Officer for Eggplant.

This key appointment allows Keysight to continue to expand the Eggplant offering and improve the complete experience from presales through to integration in customer organizations.

In addition to responsibilities for the core Eggplant products, Cosmin will focus on building a partner ecosystem around Eggplant as well as bespoke solutions that deliver shorter time to value for our customers, initiatives that will accelerate growth and value delivery.

“Being part of the Eggplant journey will allow us to continue our transformation into a truly customer-centric organization that solves real world problems for our users. I feel that everyone that uses Eggplant should have a seamless product experience and a very short time to value,” says Cosmin.

As part of his previous engagements, Cosmin fostered an entrepreneurial spirit and built a product-led culture across organizations. He introduced category design and lean product management methodologies that drove exponential growth for both existing and new products. These initiatives enabled his organisations to serve and grow alongside their customers.

Central to Cosmin’s philosophy is his belief in customer-centric product management. This also means deepening strategic partnerships, which are key to rolling out Eggplant’s industry-leading test automation solutions. “Working closely with our partners and customers is vital to align and support our vision and strategy over the next decade. I’m thrilled to be leading Eggplant’s product strategy in this next phase of growth within Keysight Technologies.”

Cosmin holds a Computer Science Engineering degree from the Politehnica University of Bucharest and an Executive MBA from Quantic Business School and Technology. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring medieval history and rebuilding classic cars. His favourite book is Play Bigger by Al Ramadan.