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Jeannette Smith

Jeannette is a test engineer at Eggplant. She lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and two German Shepherd dogs. She enjoys hiking, skiing, biking, and yoga. 

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How Much Collaboration Is Too Much?

5/17/18 / by Jeannette Smith posted in software testing


Note: Test engineer Reena Kuni and software engineer Bekki Freeman also contributed to this blog.

On the Eggplant Functional team, the relationship between Dev and QA is very collaborative. We work closely together, use our Slack channel to organize regular walk breaks together, and frequently talk about ways to increase product quality.

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Testplant QA Recap + How We Do Regression Testing

1/17/18 / by Jeannette Smith


Wow! It’s been quite a year in QA at Testplant. We’ve implemented so many new, big features, providing even more ways to expand our quiver of testing solutions—and yours.

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No excuses left. Start writing tests at the beginning of a project.

10/19/16 / by Jeannette Smith


At the beginning of October, TestPlant graciously sent me to the STARWEST software testing conference in Anaheim, California. It was so nice to take some time away from testing, step back, and really focus on the trends, processes, and art of testing.
It was such an exciting time to be there! So much is going on and changing in the world of software test. That said, I definitely heard a few recurring themes, and a couple of those themes are “How do we optimize automation?” and “How do we implement behavior-driven development (BDD)?”

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