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Alex Painter

Having worked for a number of years in marketing and web development, Alex joined Eggplant as a web performance consultant, helping organizations deliver faster, more reliable online experiences. He is now Eggplant's product marketing director.

Recent Posts

Web Performance Essentials: Big Images Slow Web Pages Down

6/20/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Web Performance, real user monitoring


Marketers use a lot of images on websites. They’re needed to show off products. They’re used for ads and promotions. They form key parts of attractive designs, carefully calculated to turn visitors into customers.

But when images slow web pages down, they have the opposite of the desired effect. They frustrate visitors. They turn people away. They drive potential customers to the competition.

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Meet Us at the Gartner AADI Summit on 20–21 May

5/16/19 / by Alex Painter posted in digital automation intelligence, customer experience optimization, digital transformation


Digital transformation, AI, robotic process automation, and aligning an agile IT capability with business outcomes. These are all topics that are close to our heart.

That’s why we’re Platinum sponsors of the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit in London on 20 to 21 May 2019.

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Achieving Healthcare Excellence: A Case for Intelligent Testing

5/14/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Healthcare, digital automation intelligence


A recent study found that nearly half of all internet traffic in 2018 came via a mobile app. Across sectors, it’s clear that smartphones are increasingly the preferred method for accessing web content and the trend is forcing organizations to rethink their approach to app development, accessibility and interoperability.

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Where Does Continuous Quality Meet Business Outcomes? Find Out on 6 June

5/9/19 / by Alex Painter posted in DevOps, digital automation intelligence


A year ago, we brought you Performance Matters, our one-day conference in London. Alongside web performance topics and case studies, we talked about intelligent test automation, big data, and how we saw these worlds converging.

A lot has happened in a year. And at Eggplanet, this year’s Eggplant conference in London on 6 June, we have a lot more to show you.

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Eggplant and PractiTest: Making Intelligent Test Automation Easy

5/2/19 / by Alex Painter posted in digital automation intelligence


Digital Automation Intelligence offers something truly revolutionary: automated, AI-driven testing of the entire user experience on any technology. But one thing we don’t talk about very often is our integration with other solutions.

Many organizations have existing tools to manage the testing process, and we need to be sure we can work with them. Others may be looking to move to a new test management solution at the same time as switching to Eggplant, and we want to be certain that the move to Digital Automation Intelligence doesn’t constrain their choice of test management tool.

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How to Get Your Customers to Drive Testing

4/25/19 / by Alex Painter posted in digital automation intelligence, real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, Monitoring Insights


The focus of software testing is changing. It's been moving away from simply checking that an application meets technical requirements and towards ensuring that it delivers better user experiences and business outcomes.

Or at least that's what we'd all like to believe.

The reality is that capabilities can lag behind the desire for change, and not everyone can agree on how best to represent the voice of the customer in the testing process.

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Eggplanet: Our User Conference and Why You Need to Be There!

4/18/19 / by Alex Painter posted in DevOps, digital automation intelligence


We live in a digital world, with software permeating every aspect of our everyday lives. And businesses are waking up to the fact that the quality of that software is critical to their very existence.

This is where Continuous Quality Meets Business Outcomes, and it’s the theme of our inaugural Eggplanet Europe on 6 June, London.

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Customer Experience Optimization for Better Business Outcomes

3/28/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Customer Experience, Test automation, digital automation intelligence, real user monitoring, customer experience optimization, digital transformation


Businesses want software that delights end users. Customer experience is the priority. But even as the requirement for ever better experiences grows, actually delivering on that requirement is getting harder.

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What Happens When Performance Testing Meets Politics?

3/22/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Customer Experience, Performance testing, digital transformation


When people are angry, they have always taken to the streets to protest.

They still do.

But the internet offers an alternative forum in which to voice strong opinions. So what happens when that forum is cut off?

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Digital Transformation that Saves Lives

3/20/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Healthcare, digital automation intelligence, digital transformation


Whenever you enter the healthcare system, technology is all around.

And you have to trust it.

The highly trained medical staff have all been through rigorous testing to ensure they are able to deliver the best possible care. And you probably expect the same from the huge range of technology they use to treat you, monitor your progress, and update your records.

But as that technology permeates every aspect of healthcare and the pace of change increases, it’s getting harder to ensure that everything works as intended.

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