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Why Highly Regulated Industries Demand Non-Invasive Testing

by Eggplant, on 11/3/20

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Non-invasive testing in a highly regulated environment


It’s the famous phrase associated with radio communications between Apollo 13 and NASA’s Mission Control Center, notifying the latter of the on-board explosion that crippled their spacecraft. In the ensuing decades, it’s been applied to unexpected problems in virtually every industry, but its original meaning holds true. Namely, you don’t want to encounter any surprises in outer space.

To that end, a key component of space flight today consists of testing this mission critical technology on the ground. Eggplant works closely with numerous aerospace organizations, including NASA, to ensure the technology can withstand the rigors of space and perform as expected—even in unforeseen high-stakes situations.


Non-Invasive Test Automation at the Pace of DevSecOps

Particularly in highly regulated industries such as aerospace and defense, it’s also critical that organizations ensure that privacy and security remain intact throughout the testing process. Penetrating the application or accessing source code can inadvertently introduce numerous vulnerabilities or the possibility of exposing classified information—neither of which are acceptable scenarios.

That’s why Eggplant is an ideal testing partner for companies in highly regulated sectors. As the industry’s only completely non-invasive testing tool, our graphical technology sits outside of the application and provides unparalleled testing precision without ever touching the source code. Our AI engine rapidly identifies the riskiest areas of any technology, assembles automated test cases to address them, and reports on the pass or fail of these actions faster than any human or legacy automated testing tool.


Testing Through the Eyes of the User to Ensure Mission Success

However, as the Apollo 13 mission underscores, it’s difficult to account for all of the variables that can occur with space exploration or other mission critical technology. While there will always be unforeseen circumstances, companies can address much of the unknown by testing their technology through the eyes of their users. Using our advanced, built-in image recognition functionality, Eggplant can be scripted to react as a user would to certain events in the software, application or technology. This enables us to simulate various conditions that might occur on board and ensure that performance is not negatively affected in these scenarios.

Of course, the aerospace and defense sector is not the only one with a high demand for privacy and security. Our non-invasive approach is also key for healthcare organizations. With software involved in every facet of a hospital visit and sensitive patient data generated at every interaction, organizations must ensure that the security of this information is not jeopardized by their testing tools. Similarly in banking and insurance, customers entrust these companies with their most sensitive financial data while also demanding an increasingly slick digital experience. Organizations must deliver on these expectations while also safeguarding account information.

While the testing requirements differ, privacy and security will only become more critical in highly regulated sectors as technology becomes more interconnected. Eggplant’s unique ability to non-invasively test all languages, architectures and devices from the users’ perspective makes us the right partner now, and in the future.

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