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Eggplant Contributes to MIT Safe Paths Initiative in the Fight against Covid

by Gareth Smith, on 6/9/20

Technology has an important role to play in helping stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

With intelligence test automation technologies, Eggplant is contributing to greater efficiency in testing contact tracing applications across the globe.

Most recently, in the US, we have donated our DAI platforms to the MIT Safe Paths Project. This open-source (OS) initiative is creating tools that will help flatten the Coronavirus curve and accelerate a return to normal. 

You can see in this video how Eggplant along with MIT and Digitally Assured is testing the latest Coronavirus SafePaths contact tracing application to safeguard communities.

Our intelligent automation ensures that the OS software is robust and addresses the concerns around privacy and security before it is released.


In Part One of the Demo, Eggplant's image-based testing interacts with data from any source, allowing it to incorporate location and health-related data in multiple formats. This will help accelerate the delivery and resiliency of the tool for individuals, public health officials, and communities to track and trace the disease's spread.

Part Two of the Demo explains how Eggplant auto-detects the language currently set within the Coronavirus tracker application. The non-invasive nature of Eggplant’s technology results in faster testing and release cycles.


Software has an important role to play in the fight against the pandemic and we all want to help those on the front lines. By supporting the MIT SafePaths initiative, we can collectively help accelerate the delivery of a robust and resilient app for the community and healthcare workers to utilize.


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