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Customer Experience Optimization: Improve the UX and Business Outcomes of Digital Software

by John Bates, on 8/8/18

There are certain inalienable truths about businesses: they all want to succeed and they all want to beat their competitors. What's slightly different is how a business defines success. For a healthcare company, it might be lives saved. For an insurance company, it's the number of policies bought. For an e-commerce retailer, it's shopping basket conversions. 

With apps and software eating the world, most companies are becoming digital businesses, where software-based workflows run their internal and external processes, and their customer experiences — and define their success or failure. But what if a business could predict the success of a new software release before it goes live? Or, monitor a live business based on real user interactions to determine if business goals are being met, and if not, quickly address those shortcomings. These questions have major implications for application monitoring and software test automation, where success has traditionally been measured in terms of technical function versus predicted business impact. 

At Eggplant, we think that monitoring and testing through the eyes of the customer is critical in continuously improving the user experience (UX) and the business outcomes associated with digital software apps and processes. We call this Customer Experience Optimization and it involves:

  • How customer experience monitoring can provide insights on ways in which real users are using a software process and whether the system is meeting its business goals
  • How you can test software in terms of customer experience, rather than the traditional view of functional, performance, or other forms of testing
  • How you can use customer experience insights to link the world of customer analytics back to the development process — providing a tangible improvement in code that can net measurable business improvement
We recently held a webinar about this concept and approach that puts user journeys at the center of testing, and involves continuous testing, monitoring, and analyzing the full UX. You can watch the recording here.
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