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Transforming Customer Experiences With Eggplant

by Michael Giacometti, on 8/14/18

Customer experience transformation is a key initiative for any business that wants to position itself for the 21st century. Two important concepts involve updating and digitizing technology, and creating persistent customer relationships. According to Bain & Company, customer experience transformation starts with “… simplifying your core business and digitizing it where it matters.” McKinsey & Company writes that in any customer experience transformation, “… the voice of the customer can be used to identify upstream and cross-functional issues and address the root causes of problems.” In short, to see positive results, you need well-tested, high-quality digital assets that reflect ever-evolving customer needs and desires.

IT groups usually respond to customer experience transformation by:

  1. Determining if they can update existing digital assets or need to rebuild them from scratch
  2. Moving to DevOps or agile processes to increase release velocity
  3. Engaging in shift-left and CI/CD practices to improve quality and reduce errors

While such strategies are being widely adopted to varying degrees of success, they don’t always incorporate the voice of the customer, which is priority number one.

At Eggplant, everything we do revolves around the customer experience. Our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) and Customer Experience Insight (CXI) approaches center around:

  • Ensuring an intuitive experience via the usability of your application.
  • Delighting customers to provide a memorable experience.
  • Driving positive business outcomes to ensure a productive experience.
  • Testing omnichannel to ensure a flexible and unique experience.

In this context, usability testing is all about ensuring that the application under test fulfills the business and technical requirements. In a digital world, it includes localization testing and making sure buttons, links, and information are correct and in the right places.

With Eggplant DAI solutions, your domain experts create models of the application under test that can generate a digital twin of your application. The AI engine then creates and executes automated test cases that cover combinations and permutations of what you want tested, and how your customer is using your application. The Eggplant AI engine looks at bugs that pop up, coverage analysis of your application, user weights that capture what you feel is important, and important journeys identified via Eggplant CXI solutions — and feeds it all back into the DAI engine. 

Priority number two is delighting your customer. You need to ensure that your application is sticky, memorable, fast, and responsive — and above all, works. Real Customer Insights and performance testing (part of the Eggplant CXI suite) give you real-time information about how customers are using your application in the real world. You can even see the revenue impact that the smallest change in speed can have on your company. Our solutions can test the performance of your application from anywhere in the world at any time on any platform or device, and provide insights about where to focus your development and design efforts. And when you feed all this information back into Eggplant DAI solutions, you can generate and execute test cases informed by real customer journeys.

Of course, a goal of any customer experience transformation is to generate positive business outcomes. For your customer, this means a rewarding experience each time they use your application. For your business, this means moving more product, generating more revenue, and gaining more insights to create better customer experiences. Eggplant DAI and CXI suites work in conjunction to help make sure you build quality into your application and gain insights to improve.

How do your customers engage with your application or service? Are they using mobile or desktop? IoT device or tablet? Have you tested across platforms to ensure consistent quality and experiences? Can you test this inexpensively? By using the fusion engine within the Eggplant DAI suite, you can run UI, functional, API, and database tests from one place. You can also run Selenium-based tests and experience the benefits of Eggplant alongside open source software.

Moving to Eggplant DAI and CXI solutions is simple — plan for about a three-week learning curve for your people. Our product- and process-agnostic solutions fit in with your current QA and dev efforts, wherever you are on your DevOps journey, and where you’re going.

Learn more about our CXI and DAI approaches. And Try Eggplant today to see how it can help fast-track your customer experience transformation initiative.

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