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The Customer is King, and Omnichannel Testing is Essential for a Happy Monarchy

by Gareth Smith, on 3/17/20

If you harbor any doubts that we live in an omnichannel age, take a look at the following statistics. According to Google, 98% of Americans switch between devices in the same day. In the early 2000’s, only 7% of consumers used more than four touchpoints when purchasing an item. Fast forward to today, and that number has climbed to over 50%.

Savvy businesses know that delivering an outstanding customer experience is a key business priority, but our multi-channel world has made this exponentially more difficult. Whether it’s a consumer browsing an item online with an intent to purchase in-store or a business user accessing a custom app from multiple devices during the course of the workday, a seamless omnichannel experience across desktop, mobile, tablet and voice is critical.

Delivering on these CX expectations is largely the responsibility of the testing team and, more often than not, it represents a shift from checking technology compliance to focusing on the user. Ensuring the usability of features across different devices and operating systems is one thing but in order to truly guarantee a seamless experience, organizations must test every permutation of the user journey.

The answer to achieving this lies in connecting the data stack across multiple platforms—something traditional multi-channel testing tools can’t do. But with advances in AI and automated testing, companies can deploy an intelligent, user-centric omnichannel testing strategy that drives bottom line benefits. Following are just a few examples of how Eggplant helps testing teams deliver a competitive advantage:  

  • Technology Agnostic CX Assurance. Our image-based approach means that our technology views the screen in exactly the same way a human user does. It also removes the need for a solution to understand the code of the system under test, meaning that we are technology agnostic and can automate workflows to test the customer experience and other key KPIs within every environment at every stage.
  • Non-Invasive Testing Maximizes Performance. Traditional testing solutions are installed on the system under test, which can impact performance and also raise privacy concerns in sectors such as healthcare and defense. Eggplant takes a different approach, with a two-system architecture that enables us to non-invasively test the entire technology environment without impacting hardware or performance.
  • A Unique Ability to Connect to the Data Stack. Drawing on the power of AI, we offer companies an unparalleled ability to connect the data stack and easily and efficiently test the user experience across multiple platforms—without adding undue time or resource investments. 

To truly deliver on today’s customer experience expectations, it’s vital that testing teams include omnichannel testing capabilities in their testing toolkit. Click here to access our eBook on the topic, and learn more about how Eggplant can help you deliver the seamless digital experience essential for competitive differentiation today.


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