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Keysight to showcase Test Automation at KubeCon 2022 Conference

by Aaron Tavakoli, on 10/21/22

KubeCon is the Cloud Native Computing Foundations' premier conference and brings together adopters and technologists from leading cloud native communities in Detroit, MI, October 24-28th, 2022.

Keysight is a platinum sponsor and will be exhibiting the industry-leading Eggplant Test Automation solution at booth P3 in the sponsor showcase.

Eggplant Test Automation solutions leverage powerful digital twin modeling to integrate test automation at the speed of DevOps. At the KubeCon conference, Keysight will demonstrate several advanced applications, including:

  • Test automation for the Metaverse
  • Mobile application testing
  • AppSec test automation
  • Cloud-native testing in the CNCF landscape

With its Intelligent Computer Vision, Eggplant Test is uniquely positioned to test Metaverse environments and apps on VR/AR/MR technology like the Meta Quest and Microsoft Hololens devices. To showcase this, Keysight will demonstrate real-time immersive testing at 120 fps in 4K UHD resolution, supporting omnidirectional gestures live on the booth.

In addition, Keysight will showcase our partnership with Sauce Labs, delivering a seamless, integrated mobile application test automation solution with the Real Device Cloud, eliminating the need for expensive device test labs.

Visit the Keysight, booth P3 at the KubeCon conference to talk to our test automation experts about how Eggplant Test can test any application, API, device or service on any platform.

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