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Improve Patient Care in Hospitals With Intelligent Automation

By Charlene Makai

Charlene Makai

Charlene Makai - 23 August 2018

To provide the best possible patient care, hospitals need to ensure that the EMR is working properly after every change. While the EMR itself is a critical link in overall patient management, ensuring seamless connectivity across numerous other hospital systems (ERP software, PACS technology, blood bank software) is also important. This means end-to-end testing of software releases, updates, functionality, and performance — not just testing that the code works in one system or another.  

We work with lots of hospitals and hear firsthand about their testing challenges. EMR testing takes too much time and resources. They wish they could do more testing overall. They need a solution that can test any software and system in their environments, including Dragon dictation and bar-code scanners. As the need for security testing ramps up, they need to ensure that security patches haven’t affected workflows, and that people without the right credentials aren’t accessing information they shouldn’t be. 

Eggplant solutions can do all of this, and then some. Expand testing beyond standard patient journeys with Eggplant AI to increase patient safety and get complete test coverage for any EMR/EHR application, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, GE Healthcare, eClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion, and athenahealth. Use Eggplant to interface from your EMR to any other system in your hospital, including pharmacy, procurement, insurance, and billing. Save time with auto-test-case generation. Access the Citrix storefront, order labs, check test results, send messages, use a bar-code scanner, log notes, confirm the accuracy of voice dictation, ensure security patches have been applied before running automated tests — Eggplant can do everything that a user who’s sitting in front of a mobile device or workstation can do.  

Software touches all the moving parts of a hospital visit, from admission to diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, and discharge. By incorporating an intelligent test automation approach and solutions, you can achieve true, end-to-end automation across systems within given time, resource, and budget constraints — and ensure you don’t lose sight of the most important element: your patients.  

Watch the recording from our recent webinar, Testing Hospital Systems End-to-End With Eggplant to further explore these challenges and see our suite in action.