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Build Resilience in the New Reality with Digital Transformation

by Tara McLaughlin, on 10/13/20

In just a few short months not only where we work, but how we work has changed drastically. Engagements with colleagues and consumers, alike, have pivoted online and, as is common in crises, organizational problems were brought to the forefront for those who were ill-prepared for the sudden shift.

Though many companies and countries demonstrated incredible resilience in a time of uncertainty, as some workers prepare to return to their offices, businesses and organizations now, more than ever, must be equipped to respond to unexpected changes.

Although the specific needs for preparedness vary across industries there is a common thread to be found: go digital now or lose. 

An outstanding “66% of companies surveyed summer and fall of 2019 said revenue growth and profitability would suffer if they didn’t digitally transform quickly enough, according to PwC’s 2020 Global Digital IQ survey.”[1] Those who had not previously taken action to transform were likely left fighting a hard battle to pivot swiftly and remain afloat.

The vulnerabilities exposed amongst digital stragglers are not fleeting. Employee and consumer expectations have shifted at lightning speed and are likely to remain.

Businesses must now and in the future support a hybrid workforce and provide customers a delightful experience—wherever they are. Digital transformation is no longer a “buzz word,” it is a lifeline.    

While organizations were forced to accelerate their digital transformation journeys, most are not yet digitally mature enough to outperform their competitors and properly support employee collaboration remotely, safely on-site, or a mix of both.

What’s more, many do not have the tools in place to enjoy the fundamental resilience to drastic and unprecedented change afforded by digital transformation. This begs the question: what more is needed to digitally transform and succeed?

Embracing automated testing technologies in all areas of your business is critical to digital transformation. Your employees require remote access to systems to complete their tasks, and customers want a smooth experience across all channels. AI-driven test automation ensures you exceed the expectations of all involved stakeholders.

Eggplant can help your business transition to the new reality and build resilience to, not only bounce back following unexpected changes, but thrive, in spite of them. 

For organizations across all industries, AI-driven test automation provides the speed and agility needed to allow you to focus on what’s essential and continue to evolve, all while beating out the competition.

To learn more about how Eggplant can help you win at digital transformation and stay ahead in this new reality, check out our eBook, The Guide to Winning at Digital Transformation.

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