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The Future of Command and Control Powered by AI-driven Test Automation

by Tara McLaughlin, on 1/26/21

Mission Command Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence 


“We either become sci-fi, or we become history.” 

The above exhortation from Assistant Secretary of the Air ForceWill Roper, followed the December 2020 announcement that the United States Air Force had successfully tested an AI-enabled flight of a military aircraft.   

This training mission marked the first time in history that artificial intelligence was fully integrated into military systems, with the AI algorithm given control over the sensor and navigation systems during its flight with a human co-pilot 

While Roper’s communique to “become sci-fi” was likely a nod to the Star Wars reference in the mission’s AI callsignARTUµ, the key message remainsto win on today’s digital battleground, we must innovate faster than our adversaries and keep pace with evolving technologies 

The decisive edge needed to maintain military strength is powered by systems such as ARTUµ that help to quickly gather intelligence and deliver mission critical information to support command and control.  

As man and machine continue to work more closely on the battlefield, technology must function properly to guarantee that our warfighters and military leaders can reach effective decisions and take military action.   

The Future of Command and Control Powered by Test Automation 

Digital warfare has seen the rise of larger and more complex military forces than ever beforeToday’s warfighters have access to an increasing range of advanced technological weapons and are supported by a variety of specialized organizations and systems.   

The increased range of weaponry and systems spread across the physical and cyber battlegrounds requires greater amounts of information to be available to our warfighters and military leaders. This pushes command and control to its limits.   

AI-powered test automation of command and control systems guarantees that military commanders and warfighters in the field have access to accurate and precise data to act faster and more effectively than the enemy 

Command and Control at the Pace of DevSecOps 

The future of effective command and control relies on the speed, accuracy, and security of military systems. 

Eggplant’s non-invasive Digital Automation Intelligence platform complies with zero trust policies to ensure the privacy of highly regulated technology in the testing processOur AI engine generates automated test cases to address the high-risk areas within the technology and reports on the pass or fail of these actions faster than any human or legacy automated testing tool. This means delivering command and control at the pace of DevSecOps.

While the human warfighters serving alongside systems like ARTUµ will continue to make the life-or-death decisions in the battlefield, intelligent test automation guarantees they can act decisively on the most accurate information available through command and control systems.

Learn more about how Eggplant can help your team channel the urgency of the battlefield to command and control testing and avoid “[becoming] history.”  

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