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Could a DevSecOps state of mind help us emerge stronger?

By Zach Young

Zach Young

Zach Young - 2 June 2020

According to Gartner there is set to be a massive uptick in the adoption of a DevSecOps state of mind. From an estimated 15% of development teams using this approach in 2017 to 80% by 2021. But why now?

I spend my days working closely with the nations’ most sophisticated defense teams, strategizing on how to deploy innovative combat solutions using state of the art technology.  Core to these solutions is the vigilance, collaboration, and curiosity that a DevSecOps approach espouses.

Through the course of the lockdown many projects have been put on hold, with workforces and the infrastructure they rely on being pushed beyond comfort zones. More and more phishing and spam material is making its way into employee’s machines. Leaders need to tackle this challenge head-on by not only exploring the latest security technologies but also by laying down clear guidelines, providing do’s and don’ts on unfamiliar material when completing deliverables outside of the lab.

Ask yourself, what platforms do you have in place to promote collaboration? These kinds of solutions need to be in place now more than ever to create a sense of unity but also become a part of your future technology stack to allow teams to settle into a “new normal’ rhythm. 

DevSecOps is a philosophy allowing you to knit together the technology that upholds integrating security practices into your DevOps process, affording the savvy technology leader the luxury of curiosity. With teams struggling to complete the day-to-day due to not being able to go on-site, what’s there to do? The answer is to explore the latest technologies; artificial intelligence, monitoring, machine learning and automation solutions on the market.

It’s no accident that the DoD is mandating test automation wherever possible. It’s about delivering real time updates to our warfighters to make them safer. Eggplant’s continuing the mission of supporting our men and women in uniform with test automation and our Digital Automation Intelligence platform. With the platform being tech agnostic, non-invasive, and an intuitive approach, teams are looking to learn more about Eggplant now more than ever.

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