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How test automation accelerates continuous delivery of enterprise applications

by Max Gerrard, on 10/11/21

With today’s pressure on enterprises to digitally transform, continuously delivering quality software has never been more critical. Internal and external digital products, which are built by millions of lines of code, are vital for success. Underpinning this success are enterprise applications capable of stitching core operations together so innovation can thrive.  

However, every enterprise application is built differently to meet the specific demands of that organization. User workflows, business-critical rules, and third-party systems are just some of the many customizations that make enterprise applications unique and testing their software challenging.  

Continuously delivering new features and functionalities merely adds to the complications. Particularly when these enhancements must be implemented and tested to keep pace with changing market forces, competitor activity, and customer expectations. Trying to do this manually is labor-intensive, costly, and it dramatically slows down release cycles.  

Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and real user data, Keysight’s Eggplant solution automates test creation and execution. The Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) suite tests and monitors user interface (UI) performance to improve software development, enhance quality, and elevate the customer experience at DevOps speed.  

In DevNet Create’s tech session, Accelerate Continuous Delivery of Mission-Critical Enterprise Applications Testing with Digital Twin Models, you can see the Eggplant solution in action. Find out how easy it is to auto-generate test automation assets for one of the most popular enterprise applications, Salesforce.   

Register for the session and watch how the Eggplant digital twin accelerates release cycles and reduces IT costs when testing various user journeys across integrated applications, devices, and browsers. The demonstration will also show how ML algorithms determine pass/fail for build promotion and enable continuous delivery for mission-critical enterprise applications. 

To discover even more about the impact test automation is having on software and application development, sign up to Keysight’s Live from the Lab on October 28th.  

During the virtual event, you’ll learn how to select an approach that’s right for your organization and best practices for implementation. Plus, a special bonus: Apple co-founder and tech visionary, Steve Wozniak, will be on hand to discuss the future of software IT and test automation. You’ll even get the chance to ask “Woz” your questions during a live stream Q&A. 

Expand your knowledge and learn how to solve challenging test issues, like testing complex technology ecosystems and continuous testing demands.

See us at DevNet Create

Sign up for “Live from the Lab. 

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