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Survey Says: Business Leaders Clamoring for Continuous Delivery

by Candice Arnold, on 11/14/19

A recent ZDNet article by Joe McKendrick states, “Business leaders are losing patience…they are leaning on their IT departments harder and harder, pressing for more and faster delivery of software that will keep their companies in the digital race. They like what IT is delivering, but the challenge for IT managers is to step up the pace of delivery with as few glitches as possible.”  

Joe was writing about the results of Eggplant’s recent survey, which found that business leaders and IT are at odds over software strategy. As his quote above underscores, the former are frustrated with the speed of app development and worry that they are losing ground to competitors in the race towards digital transformation. IT leaders, for their part, understand the crucial role testing plays in achieving these goals but are constrained by a variety of factors that limit their ability to meet DevOps expectations.  

Seventy percent of the business leaders we surveyed rate the outcomes and value created by their software as “good” or “excellent,” however, it’s a different story when it comes to the speed at which the software is being developed. IT execs demonstrate a desire for faster testing, but point to several challenges hindering their testing capabilities:  

  • Budget pressure stifling innovation  
  • Fragmented, legacy technology that is difficult to automate  
  • Hiring for the right technical and domain skills  
  • Access to reliable test environments  


To overcome these issues and enable software delivery at speed without compromising quality is no easy task. Yet, it’s a must for any company that wishes to compete in the digital era. So, what should organizations do to transform their testing approach to meet today’s continuous delivery demands?  


Embrace continuous, intelligent testing that allows companies to automate the entire testing lifecycle. Our survey shows that many organizations have started on this journey, with 52 percent of respondents implementing continuous testing and 49 percent applying automated functional testing. Companies are also exploring artificial intelligence, with 47 percent of IT managers incorporating AI-driven testing to some extent.  


These are certainly positive findings but the fact remains that roughly half of the companies surveyed are not availing of the technology innovations outlined above. What’s more, 51 percent of application development teams are still relying on manual functional testing—an outdated approach that is no match for today’s complex software environment.  


Only when all companies have implemented an automated, intelligent testing approach can we expect business and IT to overcome their testing divide. To learn more about how Eggplant can help your organization do this effectively, please click here 

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