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by Gordon Mckeown, on 5/17/16 Quality assuranceTest automationUI testing

I recently presented at the Northern Lights conference in Manchester. This conference was hosted by the BCS (British Computing Society), and my talk was “Tools. Techniques. Trouble? Why test automation …

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by George Mackintosh, on 5/12/16 Test automationUI testing

Innovation is underpinned by commercial success. TestPlant has been the test industry “disruptor” but our inventions have brought solutions to many thousands of engineers in many hundreds of the world’s …

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by Elizabeth Simons, on 5/9/16 Test automationUI testingUser Testingexploratory testingsoftware testingUser experience testing

If you’re looking for fun testing, STAREAST is the place to find it. With an overarching theme of user-experience testing, the undertone of this show was definitely a fun one …

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