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eggPlant Functional v16.1 new features make scripting easy for enterprise test deployments

by Elizabeth Simons, on 7/6/16

eggPlant Functional v16.1 is now available! Upgrade or download it to try out the new features today.

The eggPlant Functional v16.1 release is packed with features and updates that make setup and scripting easy for enterprise test deployments. ‘What kind of good stuff is this?’ you ask. Let’s dig in to find out…


eggPlant and Gherkin… the new favourite dish! We have added support for Gherkin (well, support for the scripting language, not the squash). This domain specific ‘business readable’ language is now supported directly in eggPlant, so you can write in Gherkin, or import your already-written .feature script files.

Built-in source code management

Not only can you script in Gherkin, but you can store your scripts more easily than ever. We’ve added built-in source code management, for easy access to Git and SVN repositories directly from eggPlant. This encourages and enables team collaboration through easy source control. It also facilitates increasing test automation efficiency within your organization.

Guided app installation

If you’re testing mobile you’ll be happy to hear that eggPlant now includes guided app installation. You won’t have to install your app on a test device manually ever again! This integrates beautifully with the iOS gateway and Android gateway, so any device in your test bed can be easily accessed and apps pushed to the device. This new functionality will make it easier than ever to automate end-to-end testing workflows by easily installing and uninstalling apps with each test.

This coincides with a new release of the iOS gateway, which includes expanded language support, clipboard support, and support for volume and power buttons.

Connection Doctor

Of the main functionality, last but not least is the new connection doctor. For those setting up a new environment or adding devices, local network issues can arise. This new functionality makes it easier to diagnose local network issues so that you can get your devices connected faster. When you have a lot of devices to connect, such as in an enterprise test deployment environment, you don’t have time to mess around with diagnosing each individual issue. This new doctor will do that for you.

New licensing system

One feature that is super cool but will only be obvious to existing customers is a new licensing system. We’ve changed out our license server and validation system for one that is simpler, allowing for easy and fast setup of new license deployments and renewals. This saves you time, especially with larger deployments.


Have I made you excited for the new release yet? Try it out for yourself! Download eggPlant Functional v16.1 here today. All upgrades are free, and if you don’t have a license, sign up for a Free Trial.

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