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Year in Review: A Snapshot of Eggplant’s 2019 Highlights

by John Bates, on 12/23/19

2019 was a banner period for technology innovations, with the rise of 5G networks, increased adoption of biometrics, advances in robotics, and new regulations paving the way for more widespread drone deployments among the year’s milestones. It was also a busy time at Eggplant, as we focused on enhancing our solutions to give companies unparalleled testing precision and helping more organizations realize the power of intelligent, AI-driven testing.

Our notable 2019 moments include:

  • Innovations in User-Centric Testing.
    Throughout the year, we released updates to our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Suite designed to make it easier for software teams to produce high-quality products that are fast, intuitive and deliver a customer experience that delights. Among our 2019 DAI Suite enhancements:
  • Automated usability testing: A range of usability problems are automatically identified, from slow loading images to objects that re-position themselves right before you try to click on them.
  • Release Insights: Complete release readiness information presented in a dashboard that augments defect predictions and coverage analysis with both performance and usability insights.
  • Digital twin integration: Companies can define a digital twin of their application using the automated and guided web based graphical interface and use this to drive intelligent automated testing.

With these and other DAI Suite innovations, companies are better positioned to optimize the digital experiences they deliver by employing a truly next-generation approach to testing.  

  • Research Highlighting Critical Importance of Continuous Delivery. According to a survey Eggplant conducted of IT executives, reducing testing cycle time is a key desired outcome in the digital age. But as ZDNet’s Joe McKendrick put it in an article on our research, “…the challenge for IT managers is to step up the pace of delivery with as few glitches as possible.” The respondents pointed to budget constraints, fragmented technology environments and the lack of skills as chief stumbling blocks preventing faster releases; challenges which can all be addressed through a modern, AI-driven approach to testing. 
  • Industry Recognition and Accolades. For the second consecutive year, Eggplant was named a Leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation. In addition, our DAI Suite was awarded top honors in the Best DevOps Tool category in the SIIA CODiE Awards. The awards, in which submissions are vetted and scored by peers, validate the real-world impact of a product and underscore its benefits in the field. For more on these and other industry recognition, check out our Resources page here.
  • Inaugural User Conference. In October Eggplant held its first ever user conference. Attendees at Eggplanet 2019 came from all over the world and a variety of verticals and were energized by our discussions on the critical role of QA testers in the age of AI. The central theme that emerged from Eggplanet was that quality assurance professionals are no longer focused solely on application quality. It’s essential that these individuals think like their customers and ensure technology is delivering a useful and meaningful experience at every interaction. Check out our YouTube channel for more on this and other Eggplanet insights.


The above are just a few of the milestones Eggplant celebrated throughout the year. As we head into 2020, we’ve got a number of launches and initiatives planned to build upon this success and continue our mission of ridding the world of bad software.

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