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Why Cloud is Critical in a COVID reality

By Gareth Smith

Gareth Smith

Gareth Smith - 6 October 2020

According to a recent Deloitte report on post COVID-19 enterprise implications, “…the pandemic is reshaping the global business landscape and fundamentally changing how people around the world live and work…However, every new normal eventually gets replaced by a new new normal, so in our view it makes sense to call the post-COVID business environment the next normal.”

The report delved further into the changing business conditions and priorities emerging from the pandemic, highlighting the following among other takeaways:

  • Cloud computing is poised to accelerate, with 80% of respondents stating that cloud is now the      most relevant technology
  • Next normal customer engagement strategies will be driven by digital channels and flexible customer experiences

These points reflect what we’re also seeing in the industry. Cloud offers organizations numerous opportunities to accelerate innovation, reduce costs and increase flexibility. To that end, Eggplant today announced the launch of our AI-driven cloud platform. By deploying our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Platform via the cloud, companies of all sizes can accelerate the pace of delivery while ensuring a high-quality customer experience.

This brings us to the second takeaway from the Deloitte report. In the next normal, customer engagement strategies will be an even more critical competitive differentiator, with shifting most transactions to digital channels highlighted as the most popular strategy. Companies simply cannot do this effectively if they fail to test the entire user journey.

Now more than ever, organizations must automate the entire test lifecycle and understand the quality of the experiences they are delivering. With our market-leading user-centric approach to testing, Eggplant enables companies to continually refine their digital properties based upon how customers are actually interacting with the technology.

As a result, businesses can quickly and easily understand the quantified user impact of new product versions both prior to release and after the software has been deployed—ensuring continuous quality tied to business outcomes.

Through our new hosted platform companies can more quickly avail of these capabilities, enjoying enhanced levels of automation, faster time to market and an accelerated pace of continuous delivery. We’ll be exploring additional functionality of our cloud platform in a future post, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more.

As organizations navigate the next normal, a laser focus on customer experiences and a technologically flexible business environment will be critical. Eggplant seamlessly addresses both of these requirements, enabling companies to choose the right deployment option for their needs and continually test the quality of their digital experiences.

Learn more about accelerating the speed and scale of your continuous delivery, and put the user experience at the heart of your testing with Eggplant.