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Where Does Continuous Quality Meet Business Outcomes? Find Out on 6 June

By Alex Painter

Alex Painter

Alex Painter - 9 May 2019

A year ago, we brought you Performance Matters, our one-day conference in London. Alongside web performance topics and case studies, we talked about intelligent test automation, big data, and how we saw these worlds converging.

A lot has happened in a year. And at Eggplanet, this year’s Eggplant conference in London on 6 June, we have a lot more to show you.

Just like last time, we will have some exceptional third-party speakers, including Forrester’s Diego Lo Giudice. He’ll be sharing some insights into recent research on how AI can be used to improve software quality and deliver better customer experiences.

We’ll also be sharing more of the latest thinking on web performance and software testing. You’ll have the option of attending a wide range of technical sessions, designed to ensure you come away with new knowledge and skills, whether you’re a CIO, web content manager, support manager, developer, or tester.

And of course, we’ll be showing you how to maximize the value you get from our products, helping you to improve your efficiency and effectiveness, and maybe even showing you one or two things you never thought possible.

The event’s theme is ‘Where continuous quality meets business outcomes’. In other words, we’re not just interested in the ‘how’ of testing and performance optimization. We also have to care about the ‘why’. Despite the unifying philosophy of the DevOps movement, there can still be a chasm between business priorities and technical capabilities. Eggplanet is about helping you to eliminate that gap.

You can find out more about Eggplanet and register here. You can also watch videos of last year’s Performance Matters event here.