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New Features of Eggplant Functional v17

1/30/17 / by Pamela Gillaspie posted in Test Tool Design, Using eggPlant



 Recently, we released eggPlant Functional v17, which introduces a variety of productivity features. Heavily inspired by user requests, v17 contains a little something for everybody…

The cross-platform tester. We know that a lot of our customers use helper suites to organize their related test assets across platforms– and that working on several suites at once can get messy. That’s why we’ve added the option to view helper-suite assets within your main suite window. This is a favorite around the Boulder office, and a favourite in the London headquarters.

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Gherkin Support in eggPlant Functional v16.1

7/19/16 / by Pamela Gillaspie posted in App testing, Application testing, automated testing, Cross-Browser, eggPlant, Pokemon Go, Test automation, Test Tool Design, Testing tools, Uncategorized, Automated testing tools, Functional testing, Gherkin, Mobile testing, software testing


TestPlant released eggPlant v16.1 this month, and I’m writing to talk to you about my favorite of the marquee features: support for Gherkin, the language of the Cucumber BDD framework. (Cue the vegetable puns!) Throughout our internal beta and in our v16.1 webinars, I’ve heard some great questions about Gherkin and our implementation of it that I’d like to share here. (I will also unabashedly share my preoccupation with Pokémon Go.)

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eggPlant Functional v16.1 new features make scripting easy for enterprise test deployments

7/6/16 / by Elizabeth Simons posted in eggPlant Functional, GUI testing, image based testing, Interface testing, Source code management, Test automation, Test Tool Design, UI testing, Functional testing, Gherkin, Software test automation, software testing, Using eggPlant


eggPlant Functional v16.1 is now available! Upgrade or download it to try out the new features today.

The eggPlant Functional v16.1 release is packed with features and updates that make setup and scripting easy for enterprise test deployments. ‘What kind of good stuff is this?’ you ask. Let’s dig in to find out…

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