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Web Performance Essentials: Big Images Slow Web Pages Down

6/20/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Web Performance, real user monitoring, Real Customer Insights, marketing


Marketers use a lot of images on websites. They’re needed to show off products. They’re used for ads and promotions. They form key parts of attractive designs, carefully calculated to turn visitors into customers.

But when images slow web pages down, they have the opposite of the desired effect. They frustrate visitors. They turn people away. They drive potential customers to the competition.

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How to Get Your Customers to Drive Testing

4/25/19 / by Alex Painter posted in digital automation intelligence, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, intelligent testing, real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, Real Customer Insights, Monitoring Insights, Customer Experience Insights, Eggplant Release Insights


The focus of software testing is changing. It's been moving away from simply checking that an application meets technical requirements and towards ensuring that it delivers better user experiences and business outcomes.

Or at least that's what we'd all like to believe.

The reality is that capabilities can lag behind the desire for change, and not everyone can agree on how best to represent the voice of the customer in the testing process.

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Prioritize Website Performance Improvements with Performance Impact Prediction

4/11/19 / by Philip Vandenberg posted in Web Performance, real user monitoring, website performance, Real Customer Insights, conversion rate optimization, performance impact prediction


Performance impact prediction is a key part of our Customer Experience Insights product suite. It analyzes website performance, showing how load times relate to conversion, bounce rate, session length, and revenue. This data can be then used to predict what will happen to these KPIs by making incremental speed improvements.

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Customer Experience Optimization for Better Business Outcomes

3/28/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Customer Experience, Test automation, digital automation intelligence, intelligent testing, real user monitoring, customer experience optimization, Real Customer Insights, digital transformation


Businesses want software that delights end users. Customer experience is the priority. But even as the requirement for ever better experiences grows, actually delivering on that requirement is getting harder.

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The Forgotten Factor in Conversion Rate Optimization

2/27/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Web Performance, real user monitoring, Real Customer Insights, performance analyzer, marketing, conversion rate optimization, conversion funnel


Any marketing campaign is only as strong as its weakest link.

No matter how effective ads, emails, and landing pages are, they depend on the rest of the conversion funnel for success.

And one often-overlooked factor in conversion rate optimization is speed.

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Why Performance Matters: 1 Thing Every Marketer Should Know about Web Performance

2/7/19 / by Alex Painter posted in Web Performance, real user monitoring, Real Customer Insights, marketing


The web performance world is all about delivering better, faster online experiences. And from the outside, it can all look very technical. It’s niche, specialized. It’s technical people tinkering with code.

But it’s important not to lose sight of the ultimate business goals. Most of the time, we’re helping organizations to make more sales. And that makes it something that marketing departments should care about.

So we thought we’d highlight a few things about web performance that we think every marketer should know.

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Knowing There's an Issue is Great -  Understanding Why It's Happening Is Better...

1/10/19 / by George Kouvaras posted in website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


One of the most popular features of the KPI Performance report in Real Customer Insights (RCI) is the “Start Analysis” button, also known as “what’s changed analysis”.

This feature addresses the missing element in any anomaly detection system – the isolation and identification of the root causes of anomalies.

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Are the World's Top Websites Fast Enough?

11/15/18 / by Alex Painter posted in website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


At Eggplant, part of our business is about helping organizations to deliver fast websites that deliver great customer experiences. To do that, we measure those experiences through solutions such as Monitoring Insights, Performance Analyzer and Real Customer Insights.

Definitive web performance league tables

We’re using Performance Analyzer to track home page speed for top websites in a range of sectors and publishing the results in daily league tables called the Digital Experience Index.

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Three Essentials for Your Website's Peak Trading Period

11/6/18 / by Alex Painter posted in Load testing, Performance testing, Downtime, Outage, website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


Many website owners are gearing up for their busiest time of year, with preparations well under way for the pre-Christmas rush.

Part of this means making sure the website is up and running throughout the peak period.

But it’s not just about availability.

Here are some essential steps to help you make sure your website delivers the best possible experience when it matters most.

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Optimize Online Bookings in the Travel Sector to Delight Customers and Drive Revenue

8/20/18 / by Alex Painter posted in User Experience, Performance testing, User experience testing, Web Performance, user journey, Eggplant solutions, KPIs, customer experience optimization, Real Customer Insights, Customer Experience Insights, release quality, business outcomes, Eggplant Release Insights, business KPIs


Providing an amazing customer experience is critical in the travel and hospitality sector. Competition is fierce and consumers are fickle. If one website fails to deliver a slick, easy-to-use online interface, an alternative is only a couple of clicks away.

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