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"Only intelligent automation in testing will deliver disruption."

10/18/17 / by JB Brockman posted in App testing, automated testing, Digital Experience, Real User Experience, Test automation, mobile app testing, AI


We recently commissioned a study of 750 development team leaders in the UK and the U.S. to gauge the extent of the pressure today’s organizations are experiencing with respect to app development. On the same day that we announced our App Gap research results—revealing that almost half of businesses feel the pressure to launch often untested apps—we hosted the first in our series of our Digital Automation Intelligence Roadshows.

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Test environment management is critical to test automation

5/16/16 / by Antony Edwards posted in App testing, Application testing, automated testing, mobile app testing, Mobile testing, test execution


A lack of environment management is one of the most common reasons for unreliable test execution. People remove devices from the test environment, change app versions without notification, change OS settings, two tests try to use the same devices at the same time, a manual tries to use the same device at the same time, a backup runs on the middle of a test run, insufficient user data is provided, and the list goes on.

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