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Knowing There's an Issue is Great -  Understanding Why It's Happening Is Better...

1/10/19 / by George Kouvaras posted in website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


One of the most popular features of the KPI Performance report in Real Customer Insights (RCI) is the “Start Analysis” button, also known as “what’s changed analysis”.

This feature addresses the missing element in any anomaly detection system – the isolation and identification of the root causes of anomalies.

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How to Maximize Revenue by Delivering Ad Content Fast

12/6/18 / by Alex Painter posted in Web Performance, website performance, KPIs, performance analyzer


Most of us who care about web performance do so because we care about delivering good user experiences.

But the business cares about other things too.

For media owners, advertising is a critical source of revenue. And if getting editorial content in front of end users is paramount, then delivering ad content fast has to be a close second.

However, a reliance on third-party code and content outside of your direct control can make this challenging.

Here are a few common issues, together with some suggestions on how best to deal with them.

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Enhanced Notifications in Real Customer Insights

11/22/18 / by Drew Post posted in analytics, Eggplant solutions, website performance, performance trends, KPIs, key performance indicators


Revenue, conversions, response start time, page load duration, active sessions and bounces – six key KPIs across millions of possible combinations of device types, operating systems and browser versions – all monitored for their actual vs expected performance. The real-time insight engine in Real Customer Insights is pretty impressive.

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Are the World's Top Websites Fast Enough?

11/15/18 / by Alex Painter posted in website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


At Eggplant, part of our business is about helping organizations to deliver fast websites that deliver great customer experiences. To do that, we measure those experiences through solutions such as Monitoring Insights, Performance Analyzer and Real Customer Insights.

Definitive web performance league tables

We’re using Performance Analyzer to track home page speed for top websites in a range of sectors and publishing the results in daily league tables called the Digital Experience Index.

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Three Essentials for Your Website's Peak Trading Period

11/6/18 / by Alex Painter posted in Load testing, Performance testing, Downtime, Outage, website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


Many website owners are gearing up for their busiest time of year, with preparations well under way for the pre-Christmas rush.

Part of this means making sure the website is up and running throughout the peak period.

But it’s not just about availability.

Here are some essential steps to help you make sure your website delivers the best possible experience when it matters most.

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Optimize Online Bookings in the Travel Sector to Delight Customers and Drive Revenue

8/20/18 / by Alex Painter posted in User Experience, Performance testing, User experience testing, Web Performance, user journey, Eggplant solutions, KPIs, customer experience optimization, Real Customer Insights, Customer Experience Insights, release quality, business outcomes, Eggplant Release Insights, business KPIs


Providing an amazing customer experience is critical in the travel and hospitality sector. Competition is fierce and consumers are fickle. If one website fails to deliver a slick, easy-to-use online interface, an alternative is only a couple of clicks away.

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Surviving Black Friday: Why Avoiding Outages Is No Longer Enough

7/24/18 / by Alex Painter posted in User Experience, Downtime, Outage, real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, website performance, KPIs


If you’re an online retailer, there’s a good chance you’re busy gearing up for the pre-holiday rush. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been pushing retail sites to the limits of their ability to cope with surges in visitor numbers.

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An All New Performance Trends Report

7/10/18 / by Drew Post posted in User Experience, UX, User experience testing, analytics, Eggplant solutions, real user monitoring, Digital Performance Management, website performance, performance trends, real user insights, KPIs, key performance indicators


The weather, the tennis, the football — with all the distractions, you’d think those of us on the Real User Monitoring team would be kicking our feet up, right? Not a chance! I'm super excited to tell you about our latest release: a brand-new version of our Performance Trends Report. 

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Monitoring Dashboard Improvement Makes It Easier to View from a Distance

3/26/18 / by Alex Painter posted in Downtime, Outage, synthetic monitoring, website performance, KPIs


Our interactive monitoring dashboard is a bolt-on to our Monitoring Insights product that gives a very quick and easy overview of your monitoring estate. It’s designed to run on a big screen on the wall, which means it’s often viewed from a distance.

We’ve recently been responding to customer feedback to make it easier to use in this way.

Back in December, we added icons to the graphs to show you the current status of your monitors.

Now, the latest improvement means you can change the text size of your monitor names, making it easier to see which one you’re looking at.

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Valentine’s Day: the Worst Day to Break Up with Your Customers

2/21/18 / by Alex Painter posted in Load testing, Performance testing, website performance, KPIs, Monitoring Insights


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is big business.

It’s hard to avoid the ads, the promotions and the special offers, all dedicated to getting us to part with our hard-earned cash in return for some romantic gesture or other.

Away from the high-street stores, the restaurants and the garage forecourts, many consumers were doing their Valentine’s Day shopping online

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