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A Modern Testing Perspective, Plus Cool New Features in iOS Gateway 5.0

2/21/18 / by David Vernon posted in UX, software testing, User experience testing, UX testing, API testing, iOS Gateway, continuous delivery


This blog is only partially about our newest iOS Gateway 5.0 release with device and simulator support for Touch ID and Face ID (which is super cool, but more about that later). It’s also a blog about how testing has changed — a lot — in a short amount of time.

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It’s Here! Eggplant Functional Support for iOS Gateway 4.4.

12/19/17 / by Jon Flowers posted in automated testing, Digital Experience, Real User Experience, user journey, iOS Gateway

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It’s not often you hear dev teams shouting from the rooftops about a relatively minor software release. (Actually, developers rarely shout in the first place, except when playing a lively game of foosball.) But we think this one is pretty cool.

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