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Democratizing Software Testing

6/25/19 / by Peter Cherns posted in automated testing, Automated testing tools, Software test automation, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, digital transformation


Forrester has recently heralded the rise the of the ‘Business Tester’ in response to consumers increased demand for flawless digital products. We believe this is more than just a trend, it is an uprising!

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Gartner Names Testplant A Visionary

12/5/17 / by JB Brockman posted in App testing, DevOps, User Experience, Automated testing tools, Software test automation, AI


Pop the Champagne and celebrate with us! We're honored to be named by Gartner as a visionary in its 2017 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation. More specifically, the report recognized our technology-agnostic, cross-platform, automated testing approach that focuses on the user experience. Dowload your complimentary copy of the Gartner MQ report.

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Avoid the App Scrap Heap

9/25/17 / by John Bates posted in App testing, Application testing, Customer Experience, Digital Experience, Real User Experience, Test automation, UI testing, Automated testing tools, UX testing, IOT, AI


You can find 28 million apps on Google Play and 22 million in Apple’s App Store. Yet, nearly one in four people who download an app use it only once. Apps are incredibly slow under certain circumstances, don’t work in key parts of the workflow, and have less-than-optimal usability. The app scrap heap is growing because many organizations are still testing to ensure code quality, not a superior user experience (UX).

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Use AI to Power Your Testing and Delight Customers

9/18/17 / by Antony Edwards posted in App testing, Application testing, Automation testing, Digital Experience, IoT Testing, Real User Experience, User Experience, Automated testing tools, Functional testing, User experience testing, UX testing, AI

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A new study of 600 testers reports that 91 percent of test teams are struggling to meet increased user expectations compared to 12 months ago, and 66 percent said that test automation needs to expand beyond just test execution to keep up with business demands. The new study, conducted by Kickstand across the U.S. and U.K. on behalf of Testplant, generally identified that app dev teams are feeling the pressure to innovate and deliver high-quality user experiences quickly.

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Testing is Broken. Let's Fix It.

9/13/17 / by John Bates posted in Automation testing, Digital Experience, User Experience, UX, Automated testing tools, UX testing, AI


If you’re in the software development and testing realm, you know how rapidly things have changed in a short amount of time. Digital business is here to stay and companies in all sectors are disrupting their business models and undergoing digital transformations to stay relevant. They’re turning to agile development approaches and DevOps to spark innovation and rapidly deliver new, cutting-edge products and solutions that meet evolving customer desires.

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Gherkin Support in eggPlant Functional v16.1

7/19/16 / by Pamela Gillaspie posted in App testing, Application testing, automated testing, Cross-Browser, eggPlant, Pokemon Go, Test automation, Test Tool Design, Testing tools, Uncategorized, Automated testing tools, Functional testing, Gherkin, Mobile testing, software testing


TestPlant released eggPlant v16.1 this month, and I’m writing to talk to you about my favorite of the marquee features: support for Gherkin, the language of the Cucumber BDD framework. (Cue the vegetable puns!) Throughout our internal beta and in our v16.1 webinars, I’ve heard some great questions about Gherkin and our implementation of it that I’d like to share here. (I will also unabashedly share my preoccupation with Pokémon Go.)

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