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Together We Succeed: the Role of Women in IT

By Teddy George

Teddy George

Teddy George - 8 March 2019

There is a self-perpetuating stereotype in the world of software testing and development. It’s very much a man’s world.

As VP People at Eggplant, it’s a view that I’m constantly challenging.

It’s not just a desire to promote equality. It also makes sound business sense. Ignoring the skills and experience of 50 percent of the workforce would, after all, be madness.

Fortunately, I genuinely believe the culture at Eggplant makes us ideally placed to break the stereotypes.

Not only do we benefit from a fun and welcoming environment, we also very much see ourselves as disruptors.

We’re here to set trends, not follow them.

And as a software company, we shouldn’t forget that women played a formative role in software development and were much better represented in the early days of programming. Insofar as the trend has swung towards male domination, I regard that as a temporary blip that we’re happy to be on the way to redressing.

It is still a challenge, though.

We’ve recently hired women in a number of key roles in everything from support to technical consulting, but I still encounter women who are put off careers in IT by certain stereotypes. And you only have to attend a conference on software development to see the scale of the task we’re facing. On International Women’s Day, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on that and that we, as an industry, still have a long way to go.

At Eggplant, one of our core values is ‘Together we succeed’, and I truly believe in the power of the team. Inclusivity is second nature, and the more diverse our workforce, the more we benefit from the full range of skills and experience that’s out there.

You can watch an interview with Teddy here.