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Uniting to Rid the World of Bad Software

By Michael Giacometti

Michael Giacometti

Michael Giacometti - 8 October 2019

Today is an exciting day for the Eggplant Family. Professionals, Teachers, and  Students, all of us Software Users, gather together in Philadelphia at the inaugural Eggplanet US conference. People working in Government, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, and Higher Education will share stories, best practices, and experiences. Everyone teaching, listening, and learning in pursuit of a central goal: to rid the world of bad software.

Eggplanet Attendees shape the Eggplant Universe. You know that software plays a critical role in all  facets of our personal and professional lives. Consumers rely on your websites and apps to make their lives easier, more accessible and rewarding, and business users trust your technology for everything from critical patient-care workflows to mission-critical aerospace systems to banking applications and everything in between. Of course, these and other use cases are only possible if software functions as intended.

Eggplanet Attendees create high-quality software and think like their customers.

We gather at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts because creating good software is an art.  It takes inspiration, dedication, and practice.  It also takes a community.  There is no one way or set of best practices to create high quality, customer-centric software, yet this is something each and every one of you has achieved.  We hope your stories will inspire and motivate each other to change Quality Assurance!

Eggplanet Attendees will learn and share in four key areas:

  • DevOps: Achieving real DevOps is a marathon and ever-evolving task. How are companies using Automated Testing to become more mature in DevOps?  What challenges or rewards have you experienced?  How do you use our assets to make DevOps even better?
  • Optimize UX: Good software adapts to each user across all channels. There is no single standard.  How have you changed your software to be more responsive to your customers?  What surprises or things did you learn when you tested how your customers used your software?
  • AI^3: Artificial Intelligence is not something to fear. Share your stories how the Domain Knowledge of Manual Testers works with the speed of Artificial Intelligence to supercharge their Quality
  • Automate Anything: Software is experiencing more and more fragmentation. Customer Journeys traverse multiple technologies.  One of the biggest challenges in Automated Testing is  how to Automate any Technology without adding extra overhead to Testing.  What have you experienced?  What worked?  What didn’t? 


During the next several days, the Eggplant Team hopes that Eggplanet Attendees listen, share and learn from conversations on the above and other topics.  Our Partners and Sponsors also espouse Eggplant’s vision and are eager to work with Conference Attendees to evolve Automated Testing and ensure that bad software is a thing of the past.

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