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QA, meet BA: when worlds collide

By Jaspar Casey

Jaspar Casey

Jaspar Casey - 11 February 2021

Software doesn’t need to simply work. It needs to support complex business objectives — and hopefully be fun to use. 

One of the foundational concepts of Eggplant is that lowering the barrier to testing will improve business outcomes. Democratizing software testing is about bringing more people into the process. When business analysts, product managers, and QA teams can all set up and interpret tests, you’re going to end up with better digital products — delivering better end user experiences and business outcomes. 

Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) was built with this very concept in mind. By looking at models, rather than linear scripts, we can gently nudge teams towards building software that doesn’t just pass tests, but results in better business outcomes. A big advantage of a model-based approach is that a wider range of people can understand models than scripts. If you can follow a flow chart, you can read a testing model in Eggplant. 

With our latest updates to our product lineup, we are one step closer to making this a reality. We’ve written up a full list of the updates, but here is a quick summary:

QA, meet BA 

QA teams accustomed to working primarily with scripts can now execute them within DAI. This means that your QA teams and business analysts can take advantage of the scheduling, scaled execution and reporting capabilities in DAI when executing scripts as well as models — either on premises or in the cloud. 

Testing at the speed of thought 

With the release of High-Speed Computer Vision Service for iOS, you can now automate and test high-speed iOS applications through a new real-time computer vision service. Eggplant can now understand visual information and respond to changes with millisecond accuracy, simulating and testing the actual experience. This dramatically improves the performance of applications that require an immediate reaction, including gaming, autonomous vehicles, financial trading platforms, and medical systems. 

Smarter alerts from your live apps 

To make sure your sites and apps are running flawlessly, we’ve released an update for Monitoring Insights to more efficiently alert relevant parties about issues affecting your users. We’ve massively expanded the configurability of alerts sent via Webhooks, which are real-time notifications that alert relevant people of any issues, bugs, or defects that will impact your user experience. Delivery via Webhooks brings real-time notifications without relying on delivery mechanisms like SMS or email.

To get a more detailed look at all of the updates, check out our in-depth breakdown. You can also read our DAI 5.1 press release.