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Eggplant Unveils a World First in Automated Testing Capability

by Eggy, on Sep 11, 2019 4:02:03 PM


Organizations can now automate the creation and execution of tests tailored to the most valuable user journeys, delivering maximum business impact


LONDON & BOULDER, Colo. Eggplant, the intelligent automation specialist, today announced a world first in automated product testing. Updates to its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Suite now enable automated testing of the most important user journeys in an application or website.

Eggplant’s DAI Suite is the first AI-driven test automation solution that is delivering continuous intelligent test automation focused on the user experience and desired business outcomes. Eggplant enables continuous tracking of real customer insights by non-intrusively tracking users movements through a website or application.

Eggplant adds additional layers of intelligence around the most valuable user journeys - those that are most important to businesses, either in revenue, time, volume or churn. Eggplant’s DAI Suite can record and use these journeys to automatically create a model of the application. The model can then be used to automatically test the application or website, prioritized by the importance weighting of each journey.

While tracking user behavior, Eggplant can also relate this to desired business outcomes, such as new customer acquisition or transaction completion. Should there be a fall in desired business performance or a production error, Eggplant can be used to diagnose why - whether it be a functionality, performance or usability problem.

Eggplant has made improvements to tracking user behavior, so it is now able to connect to any system, on any device and on any platform. This means Eggplant customers have a source-agnostic way to secure user-experience insight data from any source - from standard platforms to bespoke developments, and across every sector. These capabilities are hosted in the cloud, so user behavior tracking can be turned on easily and executed without customers needing to manage any complexity.


Quotes and Commentary

What we have created delivers quality improvements for any organization in any sector. We have brought customer insight data into DevOps in a non-intrusive, platform-agnostic way that delivers high-quality business-critical testing in one place - that’s a world first. Organizations can now identify problems before they occur, while also analyzing the most valuable user journeys that have the biggest impact on the business. This can be done quickly, easily and deployed remotely on any device or platform.


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