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Eggplant Enhances its Digital Automation Intelligence Platform with Deep Learning

by Guest Post, on May 28, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Further simplifies & accelerates test automation and provides impact analysis to detect risks 

LONDON & BOULDER, CO [28 May 2020] Eggplantthe intelligent automation specialist, today announced updates to its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform. As digital demands increase as a result of coronavirus restrictions and the pivot to remote working, these new capabilities provide organizations with faster time-to-market through intelligent, AI-driven automation. By simplifying and unifying testing of enterprise-scale deployments to automate the entire testing lifecycle across organizations, Eggplant ensures that the performance of software and applications keeps up with user expectations.  

With the increased reliance on digital, it has never been more critical for businesses to scale and optimize DevOps to deliver a frictionless high-quality digital experience. Eggplant’s DAI platform supports continuous intelligent automation that tests from the users’ perspective rather than just code compliance. The new additions help accelerate the pace of software delivery by further simplifying and increasing the level of automation and insights while simultaneously engendering efficiency improvements for the test team.   

New additions to Eggplant’s DAI platform include 

  • Deep Learning Model for Automatic Test GenerationThrough intelligent application analysis, this capability automatically identifies and classifies UI elements across any platform, including Point-of-Sale and Mobile. In addition, it automatically generates all the automation assets needed to instantly run automated tests 
  • Business Impact PredictorThis capability uses powerful analytics to drive a visualization that shows users the overlap of common application failure patterns that are also heavily used by customers. This information can be used to automatically optimize testing and inform release decisions. 
  • Central Asset Repository for Large Scale Test Execution: This capability makes it significantly easier to deploy Eggplant's enterprise-scale testing capabilities across multiple test machines, and the testing process is further streamlined via a single, modern interface.  

Quotes and commentary   

“Digital organizations are dependent on their ability to rapidly deliver products that delight users. Our DAI platform helps businesses easily scale intelligent test automation and monitoring to optimize performance, keep pace with DevOps and drive positive business outcomes. This is another important step towards our mission of ridding the world of bad software.” 

Gareth Smith, CTO Eggplant  

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