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Eggplant Democratizes Intelligent Test Automation

by Eggplant, on Jan 29, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Unveils new capabilities that further simplify its AI-driven automation solution enhancing the quality of software.

Japanese press release below (日本語はこちらから)

LONDON & BOULDER, CO. Eggplant, the intelligent automation specialist, today announced the latest version of its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Platform. The new capabilities further democratize intelligent test automation, enabling organizations to improve the quality of the digital experiences they are delivering.

The fate of digital organizations is dependent on their ability to rapidly deliver products that delight users and intelligent automation is now critical in the race to scale and optimize DevOps. Eggplant’s DAI Platform makes it easier for users to simplify and optimize software test creation, maintenance, and execution. The new user interface brings together all aspects of the testing lifecycle including asset creation and editing, test definition, reporting, and advanced analysis, into a unified experience for technical and business users. By creating one uniform user experience, the solution dramatically improves how teams test. In addition to providing an overview for all users, it then allows specific users to easily drill into details within the same environment.

The DAI Platform is the only AI-driven test automation solution to automate every aspect of the testing lifecycle through AI, machine learning, and analytics delivering continuous intelligent test automation focused on the user experience and business outcomes.

New additions to Eggplant’s DAI Platform include:

  • Testing real user journeys: Define tests based on actual user journeys automatically sourced from real users, therefore increasing the quality by focusing testing on areas that impact the business.
  • Rapid guided test case triage: Highlights problematic areas so that the business tester can quickly and seamlessly move from overview through to the relevant log files and screenshots, and back again.
  • Intelligent test scheduling: This seamlessly combines automated exploratory testing and fixed regression packs, which dramatically simplifies testing scenarios by automatically enabling testing to be considered in business terms, such as coverage of a digital twin, rather than only how many manually defined test cases have been run. Systems under test can quickly be defined and categorized. This enables future tests to optimize the available resources and also state-specific device capabilities if required.

Quotes and commentary

"The ability to quickly and easily automate the entire testing lifecycle across any platform with our AI-powered automation platform provides our customers with a significant advantage. Our DAI Platform is transforming the quality and speed of delivery of software and applications--supporting our mission to rid the world of bad software."

Gareth Smith, CTO Eggplant

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Eggplant が進めるインテリジェントなテストオートメーションの大衆化

ロンドンおよび米国に拠点を置く、インテリジェントなオートメーションのスペシャリスト企業であるEggplantは、Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI)スイートの最新版を発表しました。新しい機能によってインテリジェントなテストオートメーションはさらに大衆化し、組織が提供するデジタルエクスペリエンスの質を向上します。



Eggplant DAIスイートの新機能 

  • リアルなユーザージャーニーのテスト
  • 迅速なガイドによるテストケースのトリアージ
  • インテリジェントなテストスケジューリング


Eggplant CTO ガレス・スミス

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