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Eggplant Celebrates Customer Innovation with Eggy Awards

by Eggy, on Oct 10, 2019 12:30:00 AM

Winners Recognized for AI-driven testing and continuous quality at Eggplanet User Conference

PHILADELPHIA, October 9,  2019.- Today at its inaugural US conference, Eggplant, the intelligent automation specialist, announced the winners of its Eggy Awards. The program recognizes companies using Eggplant’s intelligent automation solutions to improve the quality of the digital products and experiences they are delivering.

The awards highlight organizations that are breaking down the barriers between DevOps and the business to create a virtuous cycle of testing, monitoring, and optimization that deliver ever-improving customer experiences.

The Eggy Awards 2019 winners:

  1. DevOps at Scale: Cerner Corporation
  2. Optimize UX: Turner Broadcasting
  3. AI³: Dunkin’ Brands
  4. Automate Anything: Albertsons Companies 
  5. Eggy Hero: Suhardy Huang, Delta Airlines

Quotes and Commentary

“The inaugural Eggy awards recognize organizations that are visionaries in deploying intelligent automation to transform the quality of their software. We remain in awe of how our customers have made intelligent automation mission-critical to a broad range of industries spanning healthcare to retail to financial services to aerospace and defense. Congratulations to this year’s winners, who are all delivering digital experiences that are driving positive business outcomes.”


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