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Eggplant and IntelliQA partner

by Eggy, on Sep 11, 2019 4:13:00 PM

IntelliQA has recently been awarded Eggplant Endorsed Service Provider status


London, UK, 23 April 2019: Eggplant, the customer experience optimization specialist, today announced IntelliQA, as its latest Eggplant Endorsed Services Provider, the highest level of partnership offered by Eggplant.

Eggplant is focussed on creating an ecosystem of Partners, whose prime goal is to provide quality digital products through Digital Automation and Continuous Testing. 

Both Eggplant and IntelliQA share a vision to help customers provide excellent user experience and improve business outcomes.  

To become part of the Eggplant Endorsed Service Provider program, partners must have a track record of implementing Eggplant, and must have resources certified in Eggplant that are readily available for deployment. 

Eggplant partners have access to the latest products, tools, training, and support to help deliver intelligent test automation and monitoring solutions for customers.

Quotes and Commentary

IntelliQA’s focus on Quality and User Experience, make them an ideal Eggplant Endorsed Service Provider. Eggplant’s Customer Experience Optimization Suite is crucial for improving user experience and business outcomes, and IntelliQA is a great partner to deliver Eggplant’s offerings.
Eggplant’s technology and approach provides an exceptional fit for the vision of industrialised test that we are achieving.  Our goal is to enable businesses to achieve faster IT delivery by eliminating manual test bottlenecks using robotics-based solutions.  We look to extend the capability from the payments and retail industries to other sectors.  The combination of robotics and AI is extremely powerful.  We are pleased to be selected for the Endorsed Service Provider Program and look forward to extending our work together to achieve substantial benefit for clients.


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